ETF Investing

Hold That Button Before You Buy Consumer Staples for Safety (XLP)

Consumer staples have rallied and outpaced the S&P 500 in 2014. But with valuations rich, how long can the rally in consumer staples, and XLP, continue? Read Article

The Bitcoin ETF – Another Victim of Failed Market Timing?

The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust inches closer to reality, but is the Bitcoin ETF going to come to market too late for its own good? Read Article

MLPs Are Absolutely Killing It

While investors generally flock to MLPs for dividends, the asset class also has a very good track record for total return. Read Article

3 China ETFs Worth Betting On

China ETFs have taken it on the chin lately, and it's hard to know when it will get better. Nonetheless, here are three ETFs worth betting on. Read Article

Treasury Yields Aren’t Going Anywhere – Try Walmart, Target Stock Instead

Serial dividend raisers Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT) make much more long-term sense than 10-year Treasurys and other government debt right now. Read Article

How Vanguard ETFs Can Become No. 1

Vanguard ETFs are coming close in assets to No. 2 ETF provider State Street. Here's how it can surpass State Street and top dog BlackRock. Read Article

3 Ways to Play a Surge in Palladium Prices

In fact, demand growth combined with shrinking supplies and regional conflicts are making platinum and its sister metal palladium shine brighter. Read Article

BCHP: Emerging Market Growth in Developed Market Stocks

The new BCHP ETF from EGShares is a great way for investors to get the kind of growth found in emerging markets ... without leaving the safety of home. Read Article

5 Weird & Unloved ETFs Getting The Job Done

With more than 1500 ETFs on the market today, there are plenty of ways for investors to beat the market. Here's five of the best unusual funds. Read Article

VIDEO: Focus on Funds Emphasizing Value, Not Price

Index funds are a good way to add diversity to your investments, but don't get sucked into the usual cap-weighted fare. Here's a better way to invest. Read Article

3 Defensive ETFs for Turbulent Times

Get the best of both worlds -- a conservative equity strategy with compelling growth opportunities -- with these three defensive ETFs. Read Article

Tackle Emerging Markets From Home

For those looking to add expsoure to emerging markets without leaving their backyards, the new BCHP ETF could be quite useful. Read Article

Looking for Answers on Risk? Check Bond ETF Patterns

At this moment, the reward for adding more money to U.S. equities appears to be increasingly risky. Read Article

Why RSX Is Rebounding After Russia Sanctions

The U.S. imposed another set of Russia sanctions today, but the RSX exchange-traded fund of Russian stocks is on the mend. Here's why. Read Article

The Bears Should Clamp Down on Gold Prices Again … And Soon

Inflation, the Ukraine crisis, the end of QE and an improving economy are contributing to gold prices' volatility. Here's how it all could shake out. Read Article

Emerging Markets: Investing Where Others Fear to Tread

The top single-country markets this year have one thing in common: They're "scary" emerging markets. But are they still good investments? Read Article

5 Cheap, High-Yield Dividend ETFs to Buy

Help mitigate risk by diversifying your high-yield dividend stocks and bonds with these ETFs. Read Article

RSX: Ukraine Crisis Underscores Danger in Single-Country ETFs

When worst-case pressures like economic sanctions and even war take hold, it's a whole different ballgame for single-country funds like the Russia ETF, RSX. Read Article

Investors Beware: Don’t Get Hit By Falling BRICs

A credit bubble (China), inflation (Brazil), and the threat of war (Russia) have made BRICs a dangerous place to invest. Is the worst over? Let's find out. Read Article

3 Double-Threat Dividend ETFs to Buy

These dividend ETFs aren't the headliners in their respective spaces, but their 1-2 punch of yield and returns should get your attention. Read Article