ETF Investing

3 Best Bond Funds for the Bond Lover in You

Finding the right bond fund isn't that hard. Here's a look at the best bond funds for fans of short-, intermediate- and long-term bonds. Read Article

India ETFs May Be Your Best Emerging Markets Bet

India ETF investment has picked up in 2015, and this chronic underperformer may be your best emerging market bet right now. Read Article

3 ETFs for a Greek Default

A Greek default on its bundled debt payments to the International Monetary Fund would send ripples not just across the eurozone, but across world equities and even commodities. Read Article

Why the HACK ETF Can Gain 50% More in 2015

The Purefunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (HACK) has outstanding long-term fundamental drivers, as well as an attractive technical/sentiment picture. Read Article

How to Buy Hedge Funds Without the Huge Fees

Hedge funds get a bad reputation due to their high fees. However, ETFs allow investors to benefit from the asset class without the big fees. Read Article

ETFs: How Ireland and Hong Kong Can Make You Rich (EIRL, EWH)

Country-specific ETFs often come with some notable quirks, but right now, the EIRL and EWH funds offer a lot of growth potential in an uncertain world. Read Article

3 Actively Managed ETFs With Reasonable Fees

Actively managed ETFs come with the hassle of higher expense ratios, but not all of them have to bite into your long-term performance. Read Article

3 “Smarter” Ways to Buy the S&P 500

The S&P 500 is a great index, but you can do better. Look to "smart beta" ETFs to get a leg up on the market. Read Article

PFF: Don’t Let the Fed Scare You Out of Your 6% Yield!

PFF, an ETF of preferred stocks, has diversity -- and that's what gives it more security than a bond with higher yields. Read Article

What You Need to Know About the DOJ Probe of Gold Prices

With the DOJ investigating possible manipulation of gold prices, how will this impact popular precious metals funds GLD, SLV and GDX? Read Article

3 Savvy Tech ETFs to Buy Now (SKYY, HACK, SOCL)

SKYY, HACK, and SOCL register as three of the best tech ETFs to buy today, giving you access to 3 of the hottest industries in the market. Read Article

High-Grade and Junk Bonds Are Getting Scarier Every Day (JNK)

Prices for corporate bonds have rolled over recently, and that's pressuring exchange-traded funds like the Barclays junk bond SPDR. Read Article

Chinese A-Shares: What Will MSCI Decide, And Who Wins?

MSCI announces today whether it will be including Chinese A-shares in its emerging markets index -- a decision that will fundamentally affect core holdings in many portfolios. Read Article

Play SKYY to Win the Cloud Computing Boom

You could do well by picking individual cloud companies, but the SKYY ETF will let you ride the broader rise in cloud computing. Read Article

Should You Be Investing in the Dollar Now?

The average economic expansion since the 1940s is roughly five years. The current recovery? We are now at the six year mark. Read Article

EEM: What’s Wrong With iShares’ Emerging Markets ETF?

The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) is showing a lack of sizzle despite a great year for emerging markets. Is something wrong with the EEM ETF? Read Article

Why Buy Mutual Funds When You Could Buy ETFs?

A good balance between ETFs and mutual funds can unlock superior performance and create a balanced asset allocation framework. Read Article

Here’s Why Growth ETFs Continue To Beat Value

The point of this analysis is to call attention to how these indexes are constructed and what factors may influence overall performance moving forward. Read Article

Emerging Market ETF Goes All In On China

One of my favorite exchange-traded fund writers, Todd Shriber of ETF Trends, recently highlighted the news that Russell Investments would be updating its FTSE Emerging Market Index to include greater China exposure. I have mixed feelings about this move for several reasons that I will get into in a moment, but first let’s explore the immediate effects of this transition. Read Article

3 ETFs to Best Play International Markets (EWS, EWJ, EZA)

While American stocks have softened recently, these three ETFs (EWS, EWJ, EZA) covering international markets offer high-yield solutions! Read Article