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How to Be Bearish on Chinese Stocks — CHAD, FXP

The good news for investors, particularly the bold, is that they can profit from declines in Chinese stocks with some currently high-flying inverse ETFs. Read Article

Financial Stress Index Is Screaming, “Bear Market Rally”

The measurable level of stress in the financial system is extensive. Here is what you can do today in your portfolio to mitigate the risks Read Article

Time to Short GLD as Gold Faces Another Meltdown

As the fear over a chinese meltdown recedes so is the appetite for gold ... creating a big opportunity to short the GLD ETF. Read Article

What Negative Interest Rates Tell You About The Risk-Reward Backdrop

When a country's central bank reduces its interests rates below zero the action should boost the relative appeal of stocks. At least that's the theory... Read Article

Preferred Stock ETFs Dodge Bullets From Banking Sector

Preferred stock ETFs were considered a corner of the alternative income marketplace that dodged the credit contraction issue. But the picture has changed Read Article

The Gold Monster Awakens

The trading environment for 2016 has been toxic so far, but for those who see the opportunity in gold stocks and the metal, its time to pounce Read Article

Minimize Stress With These Low Volatility ETFs

These diversified ETFs hold stocks with lower volatility and price fluctuations, offering investors a solid conservative investment choices Read Article

What Should You Do In The Next Bear Market Rally?

Bull markets have corrections, and bear markets have rallies. Here is how we'll allocate our holdings into the next, inevitable, bear rally Read Article

From Worst to First: Ranking the REIT ETFs

Slowly but surely, investors are once again prioritizing dividends. These 4 REIT ETFs offer value, and I've ranked them from best to worst Read Article

Are ETFs Made Up of CEFs Worth Owning?

While we may be proponents of leveraging low cost and liquid ETFs, those that invest in closed-end funds (CEFs) should be vetted closely for your portfolio Read Article

3 ETFs That Will Help You Hedge Your Portfolio

Playing defense in the midst of a correction or even a bear market may help you sleep better at night knowing that your capital has some layer of protection. Read Article

5 Wild Inverse ETFs Betting Against the Market

Here is one market strategy not for the weak of heart, but for those with risk profiles that fit, these inverse ETFs are a way to play tough markets Read Article

Unemployment at 19%? Your Asset Allocation Should Reflect Reality

A realistic look at the unemployment picture in the US suggests that investors look to their portfolios' asset allocations and make changes as necessary Read Article

3 Vanguard ETFs That Deserve Your Attention – VTEB, MGC, VPL

Some Vanguard ETFs fly under the radar. Here are some examples of Vanguard funds that are not grabbing tons of headlines, but merit closer consideration. Read Article

5 Dividend ETFs Shelling Out More Than 5%

Perhaps the invitation is not engraved, but the time could be right for income investors to revisit dividend ETFs with rich yields, say 5% and above. The following dividend ETFs fit that bill. Read Article

3 Bear Market Safe Havens: GLD, TLT, XLU

Bear markets wreak havoc in stock portfolios. But these three assets offer safe harbor for those seeking shelter from the storm. Read Article

Peek Under The Hood: Why GDX Has 15% Upside

Looking at the holdings of the ETFs in our coverage at ETF Channel, we note that GDX has double-digit upside based on these underlying stocks Read Article

The Biggest Technology ETF of Them All — XLK

The SPDR select sector series offers highly regarded ETFs, and XLK is a great way to invest in the hit-or-miss realm of technology stocks. Read Article

Why Analysts Forecast 16% Upside For QUAL Stock

Looking at the underlying holdings of the ETFs in our coverage at ETF Channel, we believe that QUAL has the potential for a 16% price bump Read Article

5 ETFs to Protect Your Portfolio

ETFs and ETNs can help soften the blow when a stock heads lower. Here are 5 ETFs to buy for some portfolio protection Read Article