ETF Investing

3 Vanguard ETFs for the Contrarian Investor

Contrarian plays aren't for everyone, but if you have the stomach to leave the herd behind, consider Vanguard ETFs VHT, VGK and VWO. Read Article

Global X Funds’ SOCL Is on a Breakout Track

Global X Funds' Social Media Index ETF (SOCL) certainly isn't a core holding, but its ability to leverage performances like those of TWTR and LNKD make it a great tactical play. Read Article

3 Super-Cheap iShares ETFs for Portfolio Building

While iShares is not known as the primary purveyor of cheap ETFs, the issuer has plenty of offerings for frugal investors, including HDV, ITOT and IEMG. Read Article

3 Low-Volatility ETFs for Investors Who Want Stability

Here are some low-volatility ETFs to consider for investors looking to complement their U.S. large-cap strategies. Read Article

3 ETFs to Buy, 3 ETFs to Take Profits On

Red-hot ETFs are cooling off, and cold ETFs are heating up. Here's how to (and how not to) play it. Read Article

3 REIT ETFs to Play “The Best of All Asset Classes”

Looking for the best asset class of all time? That would be real estate and those firms in the REIT sector. Here are 3 REIT ETFs to play the best. Read Article

3 ETFs Getting an Energy Boost on the Oil Rise

If you're going bullish on oil in 2017, then these three ETFs are your meal tickets to capitalize on a rising tide. Read Article

VYM: Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF Is an Income Hunter’s Dream

The Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF (VYM) is a great pick for those who are seeking consistent sources of income. Read Article

3 ETFs for Income-Minded Retirees

Transitioning into the income phase of your life cycle is a unique event -- use these ETFs to bring a sense of direction to your portfolio. Read Article

Exchange-Traded Funds: ETFs Are a Key Investing Solution

Picking the right stocks in this or any market can be hard. So take a broader approach with exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. Read Article

The Gold Rally Ain’t Over – GLD GDX JNUG

Gold stocks like the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSEARCA:GLD) and gold miners (GDX, JNUG) have a bright future for patient investors. Read Article

It’s Quiet out There – Profit off of the Peace and Quiet!

You can make money on quiet, or you can make money on change this August. Read Article

Value Is Scarce Among Income-Generating ETFs (VYM, VIG, DWX)

It's become more difficult to find yields when prices are thin and rates are so low. Here's advice on how to navigate these tricky waters Read Article

3 Best ETFs for an Uptick in Consumer Spending

Consumer spending is up more than expected and these consumer discretionary ETFs can benefit from the trend. Read Article

2 International ETFs to Buy, 2 to Avoid

International ETFs can offer tremendous value, but knowing which ETFs to buy is especially critical in this uncertain environment. Read Article

3 Bread ‘n’ Butter Index Funds to Fill Out Your Core Portfolio

Index funds are still the best building blocks for your portfolio, and these three are great index ETFs that get the job done. Read Article

Gold Prices Can Only Go up From Here (GDX GLD IAU)

Gold prices today are trending higher, and gold ETF investments like GDX, GDXJ, JNUG and GLD are pretty much sure things. Read Article

7 Things Every Retirement Investor Should Own

You've put in the work, you should be rewarded for it. These are seven of the best ETFs to get the most from your golden years. Read Article

3 ETFs to Get Paid by Small-Cap Stocks

Fortunately, there are some small-cap ETFs investors can depend on for consistent dividends while gaining access to the potential for small-cap dividend growth. Read Article

3 Value ETFs for a Surging Market

The market's surge to new all-time highs hasn't just been fueled by growth. Investors will do well to have a healthy stake in value ETFs, too. Read Article