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Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Stock Is Secular Now, Treat It That Way

GOOGL stock is lacking momentum right now, but giving up on it altogether is premature.

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If you invested in Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL), even as late early spring of this year, you’re loving life. Currently, the GOOG stock price is just a few bucks shy of $1,000, bringing its year-to-date haul to over 25%. To put that into context, the benchmark Nasdaq Composite index is up 22%.

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Granted, GOOGL stock isn’t the sexiest of the so-called FANGs; in fact, it’s the worst of the bunch., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is up 32% YTD, whereas high-flyers Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) are averaging 54.5%. In addition, Alphabet’s market capitalization is $682 billion. This figure dwarfs the others, but how much higher can a stalwart grow?

For now, slaphappy investors may find the point irrelevant. The trailing five-year period has mostly been a positive experience, with a few hiccups down the road. But as with anything, we shouldn’t ignore some of the signs that the GOOG stock price is signaling.

The last three months have been fairly pedestrian for Alphabet. Ordinarily, such near-term noise wouldn’t stick out. But with the exception of Amazon, both Facebook and Netflix shares are driving considerably higher. By comparison, the Google stock price looks weighed down.

Underneath the hood, InvestorPlace contributor Dana Blankenhorn explains that profit margins have been worryingly declining. Even worse, “Analysts are expecting a turnaround for the third quarter, due to be released Oct. 26, but the whispers of $8.30 per share in net income are below the consensus estimate of $8.40.”

Additionally, our own Vince Martin argues persuasively that management made, and is continuing to make, questionable decisions. These poor strategies may actually be the company’s admission that its core businesses are under threat.

If so, such challenges could spell a swift reversal of fortune for GOOGL stock.

Encouraging Signs in the GOOGL Stock Price Despite the Noise

Long-term, I’m bullish on Alphabet. Still, I can read a chart objectively. And admittedly, I’m frustrated with the Google stock price. As Blankenhorn noted in his article, we’re on Google’s third attempt at breaking past $1,000. Each failure emboldens the bears, making it more likely that shares will fail yet again.

Adding to my frustration is the fact that GOOGL stock is charting a series of lower highs. In other words, each attempt at $1,000 is subsequently failing at lower price points.

At the first crack of the whip, shares briefly poked its head above the mark for a few sessions before suffering a sudden collapse around the middle of June. The next attempt occurred towards the end of July. The GOOGL stock price crossed above $1,000 on an intra-day basis only, and occurred just once.

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