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Don’t Forget About Stocks to Buy During the Coronavirus Crisis

All investors seem to be doing these days is selling. Headlines scream out forecasts of market Armageddons and crazy high death tolls. But there are still stocks to buy now — and these stocks are trading at prices we might never see again. Tune in to this episode of “Moneyline” with Matt McCall for more on finding opportunities today.

Don't Forget About Stocks to Buy During the Coronavirus Crisis

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So why is everyone selling? Well, it’s hard not to panic when every headline is promising doom and gloom. And some headlines are even grossly misrepresenting the facts.

After a 21-year-old Spanish youth soccer coach died, media outlets focused on the role of the coronavirus from China in his death. Some early versions of the story completely neglected or glossed over the fact that he had a form of leukemia.

What does this do? Well, it gets everyone to panic. Now, young people think they are more at risk for coronavirus-induced death, with or without pre-existing conditions. But that’s not true. It’s important to stay calm and research all of the facts.

And when you do your own research, that’s when you’ll see the opportunities and find some excellent stocks to buy. Right now, big-name companies with solid fundamentals are at historically low prices. When the market completes what Matt McCall believes will be a U-shaped recovery effort, you’ll never see those prices again.

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So where exactly can you find stocks to buy? Well first, Matt McCall is urging investors not to try and perfectly time the market’s bottom. He never does. Instead he looks for good stocks and starts adding to his positions gradually. Here’s a hint — get ready for some “buy” alerts in the next few weeks.

First, look at stocks like Disney (NYSE:DIS) and Boeing (NYSE:BA) — both representing companies that are dominant players in their sectors. But their share prices are crushed right now. Disney is losing revenue from cancelled sporting events, delayed movie releases and shuttered theme parks. Boeing was already struggling after its 737 Max fiasco. And it’s hurting more now as travel bans tighten around the world.

But also look at stocks that are holding up during the chaos. Drug companies like Gilead (NASDAQ:GILD) and Regeneron (NASDAQ:REGN) are working on coronavirus treatments. Citrix Systems (NASDAQ:CTXS) and Zoom Video (NASDAQ:ZM) offer work-from-home tech.

And Matt McCall’s favorite, Teladoc (NYSE:TDOC) offers telemedicine solutions that are in high demand right now. TDOC stock hit an all-time high on Friday.

If you want more on stocks to buy, his debate on Disney and Boeing, and what products he still sees in stock at Whole Foods, tune in to this episode of “Moneyline” with Matt McCall.

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