The 3 Most Promising Real Estate Stocks to Own Now


  • If you are looking for good opportunities in the real estate sector, you must-own these 3 property stocks.
  • Realty Income (O): The company offers investors a unique opportunity to earn a consistent stream of monthly dividends.
  • American Tower (AMT): AMT plays a pivotal role in maintaining our global communication networks.
  • Prologis (PLD): PLD specializes in the development and management of industrial and logistics properties.
top real estate stock picks - The 3 Most Promising Real Estate Stocks to Own Now

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The real estate sector within the financial markets is completely amazing and diverse. It is not only about owning, building or selling properties, there are also other wonderful business models that different companies are exercising. Day after day they are innovating processes, technologies and different ways to generate money within this sector. Here I bring you 3 of the top real estate stock picks to watch, that without a doubt are among the leading real estate companies.

Realty Income (O)

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Realty Income (NYSE:O) focuses on acquiring and then renting specialty properties where companies can set up shop. However, there’s a captivating twist, they don’t keep all the rental income. Instead, they share a portion with their investors in the form of dividends. What’s intriguing is the frequency, these dividends are distributed every month, earning them the nickname “The Monthly Dividend Company.”

Realty Income’s financial health is solid. In their most recent financial report, their earnings totaled approximately $195 million, which equates to about 29 cents per share. Additionally, they have adopted sophisticated metrics such as normalized FFO and AFFO to measure their prosperity.

In their quest for growth, the company has made substantial leaps by investing an impressive $3.1 billion in the acquisition of 710 properties. To finance these acquisitions, they opted to sell part of their shares to the public and also raised capital by issuing senior unsecured notes.

Realty has not shied away from strategic alliances. One of its most important ventures is the partnership with Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust and MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM) to jointly acquire a substantial portion of the famous Bellagio Las Vegas assets. This strategic move underscores its adaptability and ambition for expansion and highlights why it is one of the top real estate stock picks among investors.

American Tower (AMT)

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Ever wonder about the magic that keeps our phones connected? American Tower (NYSE:AMT) is the manager behind this feat, managing the towering antennas responsible for maintaining our vital lines of communication. Their business model is to own and maintain these antennas on a global scale. Telecommunications companies and other communication players lease space on these towers to ensure that their signals reach us all. Naturally, American Tower charges rent for this invaluable service.

They stand out for their differentiated nature. Although it operates in real estate, it does not experience the typical roller coaster of market fluctuations. Why? The answer lies in its revenue stream, which is not tied to residential or commercial properties. Instead, it relies on the long-term leases it holds with media outlets. This peculiar revenue structure gives the company a sense of financial security.

The second quarter of 2023 brought a mixed bag of financial updates. Its total revenues saw a modest rebound, rising 3.6% to a remarkable $2.77 billion. However, net income fell by 48.2% to $462 million. Nevertheless, the company deftly navigated this scenario by making adjustments that pushed its EBITDA up by 4.7%.

To maintain their track record as one of the top real estate stock picks, they embarked on a public offering of unsecured notes. This financial maneuver is designed to alleviate existing debts and put the company in a more favorable position financially. Beyond its financial objectives, the company wholeheartedly embraces corporate citizenship. It has begun to promote ESG initiatives such as protecting the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using renewable energy, bridging the digital divide and promoting gender equality.

Prologis (PLD)

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Many companies need storage and distribution space for their goods. This is where Prologis (NYSE:PLD) comes into play. The company specializes in the development and management of industrial and logistics properties.

The second quarter of 2023 yielded notable financial achievements for them. Their net earnings per diluted share increased impressively from 82 cents in the corresponding period of 2022 to a substantial $1.31. In addition, their Core FFO, a key financial metric in real estate, showed solid growth rising from $1.11 in 2022 to $1.83 in 2023.

A notable achievement was the acquisition of some 14 million square feet of industrial properties from Blackstone (NYSE:BX), which was a significant investment of $3.1 billion. This strategic move is considered a golden opportunity due to the purchase price reflecting a 4% capitalization rate in the first year, which adjusts to 5.75% when aligned with current rents.

Their success is closely tied to their ability to meet the growing demand for warehouse and distribution space. As companies seek ever more efficient locations to manage their products, demand for Prologis real estate will increase. In turn, that should translate into increased revenues and profits.

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