Under the Radar: 3 Overlooked Stocks Ready to Dominate the Market


  • Strategic acquisitions, diversified revenue streams, and innovative product introductions signify the market potential of these overlooked stocks.
  • Heidrick & Struggles (HSII): Showing resilience with steady revenue growth, it hit record highs in adverse market conditions.
  • Evolution Petroleum (EPM): Operational efficiency and financial prudence positions the company for strategic growth.
  • Organon (OGN): It overcame adversity like COVID-19 and product exclusivity loss.
Overlooked Stocks - Under the Radar: 3 Overlooked Stocks Ready to Dominate the Market

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Some stocks glitter more prominently than others in the vast investment pool. However, amidst the popularity of high-profile names, a line of overlooked stocks exists, steadily leading to a market edge.

Let’s explore three overlooked stocks, each armed with a strategic edge, ready to capitalize on emerging trends. With its rapid top-line growth, even against macro adversity, the first holds stability and strategic potency. The second one is expanding rapidly with its growth acquisition strategy while maintaining its financial discipline and low-debt profile. Meanwhile, solid top-line growth and a diverse portfolio fueled the third one’s steady uplift. This company defies industry challenges with unwavering determination.

Read more to learn the fundamental depths of these hidden treasures and the strategic vision that may build their market edge.

Heidrick & Struggles (HSII)

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Heidrick & Struggles’ (NASDAQ:HSII) constant top-line growth and stability suggest the company’s resilience and strategic mark in adverse market conditions. For instance, HSII delivered solid Q3 2023 revenue of $263 million, almost hitting a record high, reflecting its solid market position and client demand for its services. Furthermore, the top-line growth of 3% year over year (YOY) suggests a positive trend. Hence, this hints at the company’s capacity to sustain and improve its performance over time.

Additionally, the stability of revenue is vital, despite the uncertain macro environment. Heidrick & Struggles has sharply managed external adversities, such as geopolitical risks and market volatility, to maintain a steady income stream. Hence, this resilience represents the company’s solid business model and operational edge. This enables it to counter external shocks and continue delivering value to its clients.

Furthermore, strategic acquisitions, such as Atreus and B4Z, contributed considerably to top-line growth. The effect is particularly felt in the On-Demand Talent and Heidrick Consulting segments. These acquisitions have expanded the company’s geographic presence and market reach, as seen in the larger footprint in Europe post-Atreus acquisition. Fundamentally, strategic acquisitions enable HSII to access new verticals, technologies, and talent pools, boosting accelerated growth and a competitive edge.

Finally, the diversification strategy supports the company’s top-line growth and stability. Specifically, the company diversified its services beyond executive search through a mix of diversified solutions, including On-Demand Talent, Heidrick Consulting, and Heidrick Digital. This extra revenue represents a barrier to the cyclicality in the traditional executive search business. Thus, diversified solutions now represent approximately 25% of overall company revenues. Overall, this reduces the company’s dependence on any single source of revenue and expands its valuation potential.

Evolution Petroleum (EPM)

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Evolution Petroleum (NYSEAMERICAN:EPM) has capitalized on developed oil and gas fields based on secondary recovery techniques for additional value for years.

The company has entered a purchase and sale agreement concerning non-operated oil and natural gas interests in one of the most prolific jurisdictions of hydrocarbon potential, Oklahoma’s SCOOP/STACK. Based on this acquisition, current production can generate approximately 1,550 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE). Lastly, the deal encompasses 21 Ducs, for which the sellers shall bear the completion cost, and 300 more locations, offering great potential for the company.

Financially, the company has demonstrated strong performance. It reporting revenue of $21.0 million and net income of $1.1 million, or $0.03 per diluted share for the current quarter. Clearly, this showcases EPM’s operational efficiency and financial discipline. These results are underpinned by a robust Adjusted EBITDA of $6.8 million for the quarter and $13.5 million for the first half of fiscal 2024. This is a major highlight for Evolution Petroleum’s operational efficiency and financial discipline.

Finally, the company’s solid foundation allows this development to be a new growth strategy based on strong financial groundwork. In fact, the low-debt profile has always been the company’s proud statement and will remain so. Typically, the company enters an acquisition to be debt-free in one year. Therefore, this financial prudence with a robust balance sheet has allowed the company to pursue opportunities for additional growth.

Organon (OGN)

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Organon (NYSE:OGN) delivers solid top-line growth and nominal and constant currency, supporting the company’s valuations. For instance, in Q4 2023, an 8% increase YOY was consistent across all five geographies and three franchisees. For 2023, the top line stood at $6.3 billion, exceeding the high end of the revenue guidance range. Despite adversities like the impact of COVID-19 and the loss of exclusivity (LOE) for certain products, Organon attained 3% top-line growth at constant currency.

Focusing on the Women’s Health Franchise, the women’s health franchise delivered 3% growth for 2023. Contributors to this growth included fertility products like Jada and Marvelon. Together, these products offset the LOE impact of NuvaRing and other headwinds. OGN yielded a solid 9% growth globally in 2023, with considerable contributions from the U.S. and Chinese markets. Nexplanon, despite facing adversities, attained market lead in the long-acting reversible contraceptive market in the U.S., surpassing the best-selling intrauterine device.

Furthermore, Jada contributed $43 million to the top line in 2023, with plans for further expansion into international markets in 2024. Similarly, Marvelon and Mercilon grew by 24% in 2023, driven by the reacquisition of rights in selected territories in Asia. Moreover, there is an introduction to Xaciato, a Food and Drug Administration-approved medication for bacterial vaginosis. This further diversified the women’s health portfolio and marked Organon’s entry into new therapeutic areas.

On the other hand, the biosimilars business yielded growth of 24% for the year, based on products like Renflexis and Hadlima. Renflexis attained its sixth consecutive year of top-line growth, primarily in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Hence, these product developments may continue to boost Organon’s rapid valuation expansion potential.

As of this writing, Yiannis Zourmpanos held a long position in HSII. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace.com Publishing Guidelines.

Yiannis Zourmpanos is the founder of Yiazou Capital Research, a stock-market research platform designed to elevate the due diligence process through in-depth business analysis.

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