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Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings V Is an Even Better Buy Now

Currently the market is losing its excitement over Chamath Palihapitiya and SPACs. That's okay because now IPOE stock is a bargain.

Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Still Has Too Many Headwinds to Be Worthwhile Now

Bill Ackman's big wins in 2019 and 2020 help to explain why his latest SPAC, Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, is trading at nearly $25 a share despite the fact that it has yet to announce a target company to bring to the market via a reverse merger. However, while Ackman is currently riding high on his past performances, he faces a number of challenges in trying to pull off a successful deal with PSTH stock.

Despite SPAC Setbacks, Apex’s AvePoint Merger Is Still a Winner

APXT stock looks interesting, as its core business holds plenty of promise. Don't give up on it just due to the big SPAC bust.

The SoFi Merger With Social Capital Hedosophia Is On Track Despite SEC Scrutiny

The SEC scrutiny won't affect the merger between SoFi and Social Capital Hedosophia. IPOE stock is still worth 40% more than today.

The Opportunity for Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings V Remains the Same 

Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings V refiled its S-4 to account for accounting changes on SPAC warrants. What does it mean for IPOE stock?

8 Elusive Standards Taunt Pershing Square Tontine Holdings

Bill Ackman's eight specific standards may be difficult for a SPAC target to satisfy. As a result, shares of PSTH stock are stuck as the search continues.

If This Were a Debate, Lucid Wouldn’t Hold a Candle to Tesla

CCIV stock lost momentum the past month. Is this because the love affair with SPACs has ended or have investors realized Lucid is no Tesla?

Top Stocks 2021: If You Only Buy One SPAC Stock, It Better Be Tuscan Holdings

Granted, future projections are not guarantees. But, considering this EV battery company is focusing on the commercial vehicle niche, and the fact it's locked down partnerships with major truck makers like Oshkosh (NYSE:OSK), THCB stock could live up to expectations, and become a long-term winner.

Why Pershing Square Tontine Could Be Put In the Penalty Box

Investors in PSTH stock have seen some pretty consistent selling pressure of late as they eagerly await an announced merger partner.

Churchill Capital Makes So Much More Sense at These Prices

While CCIV stock has gotten pounded, Lucid Motors' business outlook hasn't gotten worse. Thus, this could be a good time to buy.

CCIV Stock: Regulators Torpedo the SPAC Spectacle

CCIV stock is affected by regulators questioning the basics of the SPAC boom, both in how sponsors behave and how they account for warrants.

Ahead of the SoFi Deal, Ease Into Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings V Stock

As its SPAC merger with SoFi is pending, IPOE stock looks like a long-term buy either at today's prices or after another dip lower.

If You Don’t Mind Waiting for Your Profits, Invest in Star Peak Energy

Stem's impressive Athena software is a small part of the business, so it might be years before profits appear for investors of STPK stock.

Apex Technology Acquisition Looks Attractive Ahead of Its SPAC Deal

At today's prices, there could be tremendous upside ahead for APXT stock, once it closes on its merger deal with AvePoint.

Finding a Target Is the Only Way Out for Pershing Square Tontine Holdings

The wait for Pershing Square Tontine Holdings to find a target continues. PSTH stock remains rudderless. Should you buy under $25?

Pershing Square Tontine Finds Itself in the Pressure Zone

PSTH stock enjoyed substantial early demand due to SPAC sponsor Bill Ackman but a ticking clock has hurt the narrative.

If TPG Pace Beneficial Stock Is Worth $45, I’ll Eat My Hat

EVBox Group has actual revenue. That's good news for owners of TPG Pace Beneficial. That doesn’t mean TPGY stock is worth $45 a share.  

Only Buy CCIV Stock If You’ll Hold It For At Least 5 Years

Churchill Capital is not suitable for the short-term investor, as the Lucid acquisition will take a few years to book profits for CCIV stock.

7 IPOs to Set Your Sights on Now That Coinbase Is in the Rearview Mirror

These potential initial public offerings (IPOs) could see strong listing gains and are likely to create long-term value for investors.

Stay Calm and Hold On To Your Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings V Shares

It's best to just be patient with IPOE stock as the reverse merger with fintech firm SoFi will assuredly pay off in the long run.