401k & Investing Tips

Which dividend stocks are the ones you should buy for retirement? How many index funds, if any, should you have in your portfolio? What’s the difference between a coupon and a yield? Should you buy target-date funds or choose a self-directed plan? These questions, and more, are explored, dissected and unpacked for readers interested in funding their golden years.

5 Top Stock Trades for Thursday: GE, GILD, SPOT, EA

General Electric, Gilead Sciences, Spotify, Electronic Arts and Fiat were our top stock trades to watch on Wednesday.

8 Investment Apps for Young Investors

As the fintech industry grows, the number of investing apps helping young investors do a better job with their money will only increase.

Secrets to 401k Management — DIY or Hire a Pro?

401k management can mean the difference between a sound financial future and worries. Learn about your options to maximize your 401k account.

Time to Buy Beat-Down CVS Health Stock? Here Are 3 Pros And 3 Cons

CVS Health stock is down 22% this year; Does that, alone, make CVS a buy? Here's a look at some of the pros and cons for CVS stock.

5 Reasons to Invest In Stocks Versus Debt

The stocks vs bonds debate rages on. But, there's no getting around the fact that stocks always win in the end. Balance of the two is the key.

One Key Strategy to Build Your Ultimate Retirement Portfolio

One way to boost your retirement portfoilo? Buy dividend stocks that pay out in different cycles, throughout your entire life.

5 Investment Moves to Make Today to Save Time in 2019

Simplify your life with these investing moves to make today. Improve your organization, tax and financial planning for a calmer tomorrow.

3 Strategies to Get the Biggest Tax Refund or Lowest Tax Bill

This year, Americans will see the impact of the new tax law. While taxes are generally lower, there has also been an elimination of many breaks. But there are still ways to boost your refund. Here are three strategies.

5 Blue-Chip Stocks In Danger of Rolling Over

The Dow Jones turned negative this week for the first time since December, and these five blue-chip stocks are close to rolling over.

It’s Time to Listen to John Bogle

Passive index funds now own over 17% of stocks, and Jack Bogle, who created the first such fund, also warned of the dangers from that.

Will MSFT’s Partnership With Kroger Drive Microsoft Stock Higher?

Microsoft (MSFT) clinched a deal with Kroger (KR) to upgrade its technology and compete against Amazon (AMZN).

5 Top Stock Trades for Friday: Trading the Retailers and Airlines

The top stock trades for tomorrow include Costco, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, American Airlines and Macy's, after today's updates.

5 Must-See Stock Charts for Friday: Apple’s Fallout Hits Many

Apple, Celgene and Bristol-Myers made a lot of noise Thursday. Here are a must-see stock charts as a result.

5 Top Stock Trades to Mull Over Thanksgiving

Foot Locker and Deere both rallied on earnings, while J&J and AMD slipped. Here are our top stock trades for Friday.

4 Top Stock Trades for Monday: Trading PG, CLF Earnings

Electronic Arts broke below long-term support, Netflix has given up all of its earnings gains and P&G surged. Here's our top stock trades.

Low-Cost Investing: 7 Tips to Start Investing on a Tight Budget

The media has portrayed younger adults in a terrible financial light. But there's more to the story. Despite the challenges, this generation does have options for low-cost investing. Here's what you need to know.

5 Top Stock Trades for Thursday Morning

JD plunged, while AMD and Apple are starting to peter out. Plus, we spotted a fresh breakout in a high-quality stock on top stock trades list.

The 5 Top Trades for Wednesday

Monday was off for Labor Day, which made Tuesday more interesting. Big moves in Tesla, Bank of America and others lead the list of top trades.

5 Top Stock Trades for Friday Morning

Alibaba gave us the pop-and-drop after earnings, while Advanced Micro Devices has broken into new highs. Here are our five top stock trades for Friday.

5 Top Stock Trades for Tuesday Morning

Netflix, Adobe and Box has been smashed over the past few days. Is it time to buy these prior top stock trades?