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Smart Contracts: Don’t Miss This Blockchain-Based Investing Opportunity

I HATE buying a car … and I’ll bet you do, too.

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I did it last week for the first time in 20 years. The salesman was great. I loved dealing with him. I really liked the car, too.

But then came the painful paperwork process.

Sign this. Sign that. Do you want this protection or that service plan? “We’re only looking out for you.”

Yeah, right.

All of us hate this part of buying a car or a home or any other lengthy transaction with lots of paperwork.

Well, it’s all about to change for the better, and the change opens up a huge investment opportunity in software. Just not the kind you might think …

Surveys have shown that many Americans would rather do their taxes or sit through the agony of a DMV visit than go through the car-buying process.

But too many exciting things are coming for me to wait another 20 years.

Electric vehicles. Self-driving vehicles. And …

Smart contracts.

Smart contracts are disrupting nearly every industry — finance, insurance, home buying, supply management, property ownership, medical research, voting, peer-to-peer transactions, product development … the list goes on and on.

It seems we have “smart” everything anymore, so it can be easy to dismiss the idea. But these contracts really are smart, and the disruption really is massive.

In a smart contract, the terms of the agreement between the buyer and the seller are written directly into software code. The contract self-executes when the terms are met.

That provides big benefits over traditional contracts. Traditional contracts are slow, often take several days to execute, and require things like manual payment and escrow. They’re also expensive and usually require you to be physically present — not to mention the big lawyer fees you often need to pay.

Smart contracts are everything traditional contracts are not. They are incredibly fast. They can be executed in minutes, for a fraction of the cost, from wherever you are, and without the need for lawyers. Plus, they have automatic remittance that eliminates expensive escrow services.

The key to these contracts is the decentralized network known as blockchain, which is the technological breakthrough underpinning bitcoin and altcoins (cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin).

Smart contracts on the blockchain allow for transactions and agreements to be carried out among anonymous parties without the need for a central entity, external enforcement mechanism, or legal system. The transactions are transparent, irreversible, and traceable.

They also remove the middleman and provide an incredible opportunity for efficiency.

That’s why the potential market for software-driven smart contracts is enormous. It’s expected to reach $300 million by 2023 … which is annual growth of about 32%.

That surprises a lot of folks, but it’s often easier to think of altcoins as just really, really, really valuable software … some of the most valuable software programs ever created. I describe them as the oil of the 21st century, as they’re about to mint another generation of millionaires — in short order. Some of the most lucrative software companies on the market right now are working to cut out the middleman. Many of these are altcoins.

The tsunami of wealth that’s coming with altcoins and the blockchain technology backing them up is due to their ability to make our time vastly more efficient and productive. That’s the goal of any great business model.

Investing in altcoins is just like backing Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) in the early days. Or like backing Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) or Uber (NYSE:UBER) or Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) in the early days. Software companies have provided enormous wealth for investors from the ‘90s through today because of their ability to save us time and headaches.

And now, investors in my Ultimate Crypto portfolio are experiencing this wealth-building potential firsthand in the Roaring 2020s. We started January 7 with six altcoins — and later added five more — and the altcoins are up an average of 166%. One is up an incredible 670% since Jan. 7!

Another is up over 252% over the same timeframe, and yet another is up over 186%. Compare that to S&P 500’s gain of 4.6% or the Dow’s drop of 3%.

Aside from outstanding gains, these altcoins all have another thing in common. They’re helping build the ecosystem around the transformative and disruptive breakthrough of smart contracts.

It’s okay if most folks simply don’t understand the massive opportunity here. Those in the know understand how valuable software programs that disrupt entrenched, inefficient models and price gouging companies can be — and the life-changing amount of money they’re about to create.

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