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Altcoin Market: The #1 Way to Capitalize on the Coming Financial Revolution

If you’re like most people, you’re skeptical of the “altcoin” market.

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Altcoin is the term used to describe any cryptocurrency that isn’t bitcoin. And what is the allure of bitcoin?

Simple …

It’s a digital form of money that governments cannot control or debase … one we can transfer without the involvement of big, corrupt banks.

For those who don’t place much trust in government or big banks, bitcoin is a great idea.

As a digital currency, bitcoin offers an alternative to government-controlled currencies and the injustices they inflict on citizens.

Most people “get” that.

But most people don’t “get” why altcoins exist … why they are set to EXPLODE higher in a financial revolution taking place in America right now … and why they represent one of the biggest investment opportunities you’ll ever see.

Well, get ready to get it …

Skeptics like to point out that if we have bitcoin, why do we need the hundreds of other altcoins on the market?

Surely they are just scams or fantasies, right?

I’m here to let you know that might be the single most expensive belief on the planet right now.

Here’s why …

Right now, there’s a fuse being lit under the altcoin market.

This fuse will set off one of the largest explosions of wealth in modern history. People who invest modest stakes in altcoins will make millions of dollars.

But to truly understand the magnitude of this opportunity, you must understand that altcoins aren’t really cryptocurrencies in the way most people think of them.

Altcoins aren’t “fantasy internet money”… they are actually investments in one of the most valuable, most revolutionary technologies every created.

And they will create a multi-trillion-dollar tsunami of wealth for their owners.

Remember, the underlying technology behind bitcoin and altcoins is the blockchain. You’ve probably heard all the buzzwords surrounding it.

Blockchain is a “virtual ledger”… it’s capable of recording, verifying, and securing digital transactions … it’s a series of confirmed and encrypted data spread across many geographic locations.

Now, you can think of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies like that …

But to truly convey their stunning wealth-creation power, I prefer to say that blockchain technologies are just really, really, really valuable software programs.

Software has become a part of our everyday lives the last few decades, so we sometimes overlook what that means. Software programs are one of the greatest forces for wealth creation on Earth. They make our lives and our businesses easier and vastly more efficient.

Think of Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) … Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE) … Uber (NYSE:UBER) … and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL). A great software program can help you make smart business decisions, find travel deals, talk to loved ones, get a cheap ride home, calculate your taxes, and more. They can even transform industries.

It’s no wonder they kicked off one of the largest and fastest accumulations of wealth in human history.

Which brings me to my million-dollar point …

Just like the software programs that have changed our lives over the last 30 years … altcoins and the blockchain technology they run on are about to unleash an epic new wave of computer program wealth.

They’re about to mint the next generation of millionaires …

I say this because a huge catalyst recently hit the cryptocurrency market.

On May 11, 2020, bitcoin’s “halvening” took place. This is when the reward for mining bitcoins is cut in half.

It was the third such event in history, and each time it happened in the past it led to a huge rally in bitcoin in the following months. But more importantly, select altcoins enjoyed even larger gains.

The last time a halvening occurred in 2016, it sent bitcoin on a 3,122% run.

Smaller altcoins saw even bigger gains … lifechanging gains.

A little-known cryptocurrency called Spectrecoin climbed 64,600% in just 10 months. That’s more than 20X the gains bitcoin saw.

It happened again with an altcoin called Verge. After the second halvening, Verge shot up 1,362,400%. It would have only taken 12 months to turn $5,000 into $68 million.

Reddcoin soared 72,400%.

NEO rose 134,453%.

Binance Coin went up 30,424%.

Molecularcoin grew 9,900% … in just one month.

And on and on.

And the third halvening is positioned to be even bigger.

In the time since, bitcoin is already up nearly 600%. And we’re not even one year into the upward trend …

Altcoins’ time is coming. And there’s another massive catalyst on the horizon that could send their prices significantly higher.

It’s a financial revolution the likes of which we’ve never seen before. It’s been building for a while, and it’s now gaining more and more momentum …

Altcoins are the number one way to capitalize on this trend.

I want to fill you in on the whole story, which is why I’ve put together a special presentation called The Main Street Revolution Event that will take place next Wednesday, March 24 at 4 p.m. ET.

In it, I’ll discuss the state of the cryptocurrency market and how the coming revolution could be an absolute game changer for your financial life. I will also give away my number one altcoin recommendation for 2021 — ticker symbol and all — for FREE.

The event is free to attend. All you have to do is let me know you’re coming.

The altcoin phenomenon is just getting started … so please don’t miss this special event.

On the date of publication, Matthew McCall did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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