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Superblooms or Superbooms: Rarities You Can’t Miss


Superblooms are extremely rare botanical events. Superbooms are extremely rare financial events. And yet, both of these rarities burst onto the scene this year.

Out in California, a “superbloom” is an extraordinarily dazzling display of wildflowers that occurs only about once a decade.

Picture of a superbloom

(Source: Country Living)

They typically emerge after unusually heavy winter rains end a multiyear period of drought. The nourishing rains enable dormant wildflower seeds to germinate, blossom, and blanket the arid hillsides and deserts of Southern California.

Even though superblooms don’t occur all that often, they are well worth the wait.

A similarly rare and precious spectacle may now be unfolding in the stock market.

Some folks call it a superboom; others call it a megatrend. Whatever you call it, the phenomenon features a powerful, long-term bull market.

Like superblooms, financial superbooms also tend to emerge from periods of prolonged drought – also known as bear markets.

But superbooms rarely germinate and sprout without some sort of catalyst raining down on the economy. Often that catalyst takes the form of a transformative new technology.

To illustrate that tendency, let’s take a brief, impressionistic tour of a previous market superboom…

Megatrend in Overdrive

In the early 1980s, personal computers like the Apple II and IBM PC started to attract a cult following among “techies” and a few random businesses. But the PC did not begin gaining widespread adoption until the late 1980s, which is when the massive bull market of 1987-2000 first got underway.

Between 1987 and 2000, the percentage of U.S. households owning a computer soared nearly five-fold from 11% to more than 50%.

Thanks to this computer boom, companies like Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) became household names, folks like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates became celebrities, and the term “tech stock” became synonymous with stock market riches.

Microsoft shares, for example, rocketed more than 20,000% during this bull market – or 22 times more than the S&P 500’s none-too-shabby gain of 842%!

Even many of the “lesser lights” in the technology sector delivered mind-blowing results…

  • Intel Corp. (INTC) gained 10,700%…
  • Oracle Corp. (ORCL) soared 34,700%…
  • And Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) skyrocketed 127,000%.

However, the tech stock boom times came to a screeching halt during the ensuing “dot.com bust.” Many tech stocks crumbled 90% or more from their peaks, as the S&P 500 stumbled into a “lost decade” of ZERO gains.

Surprising, but true. Ten years after the dot.com bubble burst in early 2000, the S&P 500 was still in the red, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Index was nursing a hefty loss of more than 50%.

The Markets Latest Superboom

Today, we find ourselves on the threshold of another amazing, and somewhat terrify, new technological era: the birth of generative artificial intelligence.

These rigorously “trained” software programs can now wield a human-like superintelligence to accomplish many tasks in seconds that actual human intelligence would require hours… or days… or forever to accomplish.

This breakthrough technology is truly astonishing. Sure, it’s not perfect, nor can it accomplish uniquely human tasks like petting your dog or smelling a rose, but it can do a lot.

AI will create sweeping, even mind-blowing, change. As it does so, it will become a world-altering force of both creation and destruction.

For example, AI will certainly create new generations of millionaires and billionaires, perhaps even the world’s first trillionaire. But it will also cause widespread job losses across the entire socio-economic spectrum… which is why none of us can afford to ignore this new kid in town.

Its wealth-creating (and wealth-destroying) potential almost certainly exceeds whatever we can imagine today.

Our guesses about AI’s future impact, for better or for worse, will almost certainly be way off target. The power of a new technology is famously unpredictable.

Now, if you’re late to the AI party, you very well could miss out on the best investment opportunities out there. The longer you wait, the more popular – and expensive – the most lucrative AI plays will become… and before long, it will be too late.

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