The 5 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks to Hide In

best monthly dividend stocks - The 5 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks to Hide In

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There’s no denying the obvious. Financial markets across the globe are unstable since the novel coronavirus hit. Fortunately, when markets wobble, investors have a simple solution to steady their portfolios by buying the best monthly dividend stocks. Few equities, if any, provide the rock-steady stability (while paying you on a month-to-month basis just to own them, no less) than the following companies.

Monthly dividend-payers dole out income in the form of dividends (or distributions) each month, as opposed to each quarter.

This group of stocks looks particularly attractive on the heels of rising coronavirus concerns and escalating market turmoil. Most of these monthly dividend stocks are based in North America, with limited international presence. These stocks should be relatively isolated from coronavirus risks for the time being.

Because their financials must support a monthly dividend payment, the companies in this space are stable by nature — their operations are steady, their fundamentals are positioned for the long term, and their cash flows are consistent. Such stability should be highly attractive to investors amid recent market instability.

At the same time, these stocks pay investors big yields. That’s worth a lot today. Fixed income yields are plunging to record lows, to the point where buying a bond won’t give you much real return these days.

All in all, then, now looks like the best time in years to buy monthly dividend stocks. With that in mind, the best monthly dividend stocks to buy now include:

  • Reality Income (NYSE:O)
  • LTC Properties (NYSE:LTC)
  • Global Water Resources (NASDAQ:GWRS)
  • Shaw (NYSE:SJR)
  • STAG Properties (NYSE:STAG)

Let’s take a deeper look at why those five names are particularly attractive safe stocks to buy now:

Best Monthly Dividend Stocks to Hide In: Reality Income (O)

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Monthly Dividend Yield: 5.88%

At the top of this list, we have the king of monthly dividend stocks, commercial real estate investment trust (REIT) Reality Income, which features an attractive dividend yield. Reality Income owns various commercial real estate properties. All of them are largely stable, with its largest tenants being Walgreens (NASDAQ:WBA) and FedEx (NYSE:FDX).

Because all of them are stable, this company has been able to pay a monthly dividend to investors for over 50 years. They’ve also been able to hike their dividend for over 100 consecutive quarters. None of this will change going forward for this monthly dividend payer, and that’s great news for investors seeking stability and income.

LTC Properties (LTC)

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Monthly Dividend Yield: 7.81%

Much like Reality Income, LTC Properties is a monthly dividend REIT with minimal coronavirus exposure and strong fundamentals.

As the name would imply — LTC is short for Long Term Care — the company’s asset portfolio includes U.S. skilled nursing and assisted-living facilities.

This stock’s strong fundamentals come from the fact that America is getting older, and that one of country’s largest and wealthiest demographics — baby boomers — is increasingly moving into the sort of facilities LTC owns.

On top of all that, LTC offers a juicy yield, which looks especially good against the backdrop of record-low U.S. Treasury yields.

Global Water Resources (GWRS)

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Monthly Dividend Yield: 2.88%

Moving on from REITs, another monthly dividend stock that looks attractive for both stability and income in the current environment is Global Water Resources.

Global Water Resources is a water resource management company that owns, operates and manages water, wastewater and reclaimed and recycled water utilities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Inherently, this means that unless the coronavirus hits Phoenix hard, the company’s operations won’t be disrupted anytime soon.

It also means that the company’s 2.83% dividend yield is here to stay for a lot longer and that the stock price won’t go through much volatility in the coming months.

A relatively stable stock plus a 2.83% yield is a good deal in today’s market. So, if you’re looking to shield yourself from the madness of the stock market but don’t think bonds are worth buying, consider GWRS.

Shaw Communications (SJR)

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Monthly Dividend Yield: 5.69%

When it comes to stability and consistent dividend payers, there are a few that are more surefire bets than telecommunications giants.

With that in mind, meet Shaw Communications. Shaw Communications is a telecommunications company in Canada. The company is supported by strong wireless service demand, as well as building demand for 5G technology.

Given these features, the company is unlikely to be impacted by the coronavirus anytime soon, and its dividend and stock price will likely remain stable.

Much like GWRS, then, SJR is a stable monthly dividend-paying stock that should provide investors a nice cushion during this market turmoil.

STAG Properties (STAG)

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Monthly Dividend Yield: 6.6%

Last, but not least, on this list of our best monthly dividend stocks is the industrial REIT STAG Properties. STAG Properties asset portfolio includes a ton of warehouses and small factories in the U.S.

The rise of eCommerce will increase the pace at which new warehouses and factories are built, and this favorable trend will provide a boost to STAG’s going operations for the foreseeable future.

Consequently, this is a coronavirus-isolated, stable, monthly dividend-paying stock with a growth twist. That’s a winning combination, especially now.

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