3 Best Defensive Funds to Protect Your Portfolio

The best time to invest in defensive funds is before the bear begins

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The best time to prepare for a bear market is before it begins, and an ideal tool for strengthening your portfolio is with defensive funds. Having the unique vantage point of being both a money manager and a resident of coastal Carolina in the midst of hurricane season, I know all too well that being ready for the storm in advance is the prudent position!

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Unfortunately, with big stock market storms, there is no advance warning to evacuate. And making matters more challenging with navigating the capital markets, there are many false signals and starts to a new direction for stock prices. No one wants to build Noah’s Ark and sit there for months or years before the flood while everyone else enjoys the sunshine of a relentless bull market. Therefore, the best defensive funds are those that invest in sectors that can provide decent returns in the latter stage of a bull market but also minimize losses when the bear is in full swing. Here are 3 defensive stock ETFs to strengthen you portfolio now:

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