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Are These 5 Trump Stocks Worth the Trouble?

Not all Trump Stocks are created equal, and it pays to be picky

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If President Donald Trump were writing this story, he would be the first to note the “huge” impact that he’s had on the stock market though if you want to get technical about it, he hasn’t yet done any of the great things (slashing government regulations, scrapping Obamacare, overhauling the tax code, renegotiating trade deals) that he said he would do in his campaign.

Are These 5 Trump Stocks Worth the Trouble? LMT CX RTN JEC VMC
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I get that it’s still early days in the Trump presidency and that stock prices are a reflection of future earnings expectations.

But I have faith that the bluest of Democrats and reddest of Republicans are united by an interest in green money. Though it may sound like a cliche to remind people, the object in investing is to “buy low and sell high. People often forget this elemental truth when they are looking at an investing trend whether it be the “Dotcom Bubble” or in the case of the stocks I am looking at below “The Trump Trade.”

Let’s take a look at whether “The Donald” magic that has propelled these stocks to double-digit gains over the past year will be fleeting or lasting. They are in no particular order.

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