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3 High-Yield Vanguard ETFs to Buy for Long-Term Gains

Vanguard ETFs aren't just about cost -- some have a great high yield as well

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When investors think about investment giant Vanguard, the conversation is always about the firm’s low costs. And that is a big selling point, especially for its exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Low costs help you keep more of your investment working for you, rather than lining the pockets of your broker. But those low costs have another benefit as well.

3 High-Yield Vanguard ETFs to Buy for Long-Term Gains

And that’s providing a high yield for income seekers.

An ETF’s distribution yield is directly tied to expenses. So if you’re looking for a high yield, low expenses are one way to find it. And with some of the lowest expense ratios on the planet, many Vanguard ETFs score some of the highest yields for their respective fund categories. It really is a win-win for investors.

With that in mind, here are three high yield Vanguard ETFs to get your income fix.

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