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EEM: What’s Wrong With iShares’ Emerging Markets ETF?

The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) is showing a lack of sizzle despite a great year for emerging markets. Is something wrong with the EEM ETF? Read Article

Why Buy Mutual Funds When You Could Buy ETFs?

A good balance between ETFs and mutual funds can unlock superior performance and create a balanced asset allocation framework. Read Article

Here’s Why Growth ETFs Continue To Beat Value

The point of this analysis is to call attention to how these indexes are constructed and what factors may influence overall performance moving forward. Read Article

Emerging Market ETF Goes All In On China

One of my favorite exchange-traded fund writers, Todd Shriber of ETF Trends, recently highlighted the news that Russell Investments would be updating its FTSE Emerging Market Index to include greater China exposure. I have mixed feelings about this move for several reasons that I will get into in a moment, but first let’s explore the immediate effects of this transition. Read Article

3 ETFs to Best Play International Markets (EWS, EWJ, EZA)

While American stocks have softened recently, these three ETFs (EWS, EWJ, EZA) covering international markets offer high-yield solutions! Read Article

How to Cover Your Behind If the S&P 500 Comes Unhinged (SH, SDS, SPXU)

If you believe the S&P 500 is about to drop its other shoe, now's the time to start considering hedges -- or even aggressively bearish plays. Here are a couple simple tactics. Read Article

Are China ETFs Still a Buy as China Stocks Swoon?

China stocks have soared in the last year, and China ETFs are increasingly popular. But volatility is high and a stimulus is now in question. Read Article

Can Biotech Stocks Break Out, Or Will They Break Down?

Biotech stocks are a step up from lottery tickets: Fortunes made and lost on the clinical results and regulatory approval. Will they break down or break out? Read Article

4 ‘Plunge Protection’ Trades for a Market Correction

If you think that only the pros can hedge their portfolios in a market correction, think again. Here are for strategies that investors can use to protect themselves. Read Article

VIX ETFs: What to Know About Your Newest Options

AccuShares new VIX ETFs are better mousetraps when it comes to futures & commodity investing. Read Article

3 Oddball ETFs to Buy Now

These 3 ETFs employ unusual strategies to give you exposure to market-beating returns. Read Article

The 7 Best ETFs to Buy for June

The best ETFs to buy as we head into summer are those that are on the right side of some powerful macro trends. Here are seven that fit that bill right now. Read Article

3 Great Ways to Buy Energy Stocks

If you've let your exposure to energy stocks dwindle amid the drop in oil prices, it's time to get back in the game. Here are three easy ways. Read Article

5 Index Funds Delivering High Yields of 7% or More

These five high-yield index funds naturally come with some risk -- most big-income plays do -- but we'll walk you through the dangers. Read Article

Not All Clean Energy ETFs Are Created Equal

Clean energy has been on fire so far this year as solar, wind, battery, and renewable fuel companies continue to make inroads against traditional oil and gas conglomerates. Read Article

3 ETFs to Play Defense

One might be compensated for recognizing why defense and aerospace contractors are likely to prosper for years to come. Read Article

Attention Buy-and-Hold Investors: Here’s Why Weak Corporate Revenue Is Bad for You

Corporations have roughly the same revenue per share today as they did halfway through 2007. Yet, sales growth per share has only recovered to the pre-crisis levels of 2007, whereas the S&P 500’s price has vaulted 40% up and above the pre-crisis levels of 2007. Read Article

Biotech Stocks Set to Soar, So Buy This Top Biotech ETF

Biotech stocks are NOT in a bubble, and the XBI biotech ETF is a cheap and diversified way to play the long-term potential of biotechnology. Read Article

Sector SPDRs: 3 Long-Term Plays to Make

Always keep your eyes not just on individual stocks, but big, broad sector funds like the Sector SPDRs. Here are three that make for great long-term investments. Read Article

3 Sector SPDR Funds to Sell Now

Sector SPDR funds can have a place in certain portfolios, but one must tread wisely and keep an eye on them. Here are three SPDRs worth dumping now. Read Article