Stocks to Sell

Sprint Corp (S): Bankruptcy Is a Very Real Possibility

Sprint Corp (S) has debt problems already, and they're about to get a whole lot worse. That means Sprint stock has much more room to fall. Read Article

Is It Time to Buy Energy Stocks Again?

Tuesday's rally in energy stocks was either a one-shot event or the start of a more energetic rally. Here's my view on what's next in this sector Read Article

Nordic American Tankers Limited Stock Runs Into Rough Waters (NAT)

The shipping industry is slowly making a recovery, however Nordic American Tankers Limited still shows signs of peril. It's best to avoid NAT stock Read Article

3 Alcoa Inc (AA) Results That You Shouldn’t Overlook

Alcoa (AA) has far more problems than the headlines alone suggest. It just needs more customers across the board, and less competition. You can't engineer your way out of that hole. Read Article

4 Financial Stocks to Sell Before Earnings

It's been a rough year for banks, and with overall S&P 500 earnings coming in on the low side of estimates, it may be best to sell these financial stocks now Read Article

America’s “Big 4” Bank Stocks: What You Need to Know – BAC C WFC JPM

Too-big-to-fail bank stocks are increasingly under fire despite regulation efforts -- how do they look heading into earnings? Read Article

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.: ‘Better Burgers’ Is so Misguided, It’s Disgusting (CMG)

Can anybody -- somebody! -- tell Chipotle that starting a burger chain is a terrible idea. Sell Chipotle stock before the "diworsification' begins. Read Article

3 Aluminum Stocks in Danger of Being Crushed

Aluminum stocks have rallied hard since the latter half of this January, but fundamental headwinds could bring the bullishness to a halt. Read Article

5 Big Bank Stocks to Cash Out of ASAP!

Negative interest rates and a globally-destabilizing Fed rate hike forecast threaten to weigh on bank stocks hard. Watch out, financials! Read Article

Whole Foods Market, Inc.: 365 Is a Really, REALLY Dumb Idea

Whole Foods Market (WFM) is adapting to change in the marketplace, but the change doesn't make it any better. Read Article

Twitter Inc: How the NFL Deal Could Actually HURT TWTR Stock

Twitter (TWTR) will stream games this season, but the deal will be a money-loser and won't stop the two things that are killing Twitter stock. Read Article

Time To Withdraw Your Investment Money From Citigroup Inc (C)

Analysts are predicting lower earnings for Citigroup Inc when it reports later this month. Now is the time to get out of C stock Read Article

Netflix, Inc. Stock: The Make-or-Break Quarter for NFLX

It's only a matter of time before Netflix stock's house of cards collapses. Read Article

5 Stocks to Sell for April

Stocks with poor fundamentals AND shoddy charts that also traditionally underperform the S&P 500 at this time of year should make any short list of stocks to sell. Read Article

SunEdison Inc: How to Trade SUNE Stock From Here

SunEdison (SUNE) has been run through the wringer, but it's still trading. The question is, what's left, and what do you do about it (if anything)? Read Article

7 Mega-Cap Stocks to Sell or Short for Q2

The market isn't drinking the Fed kool-aid any longer, and as a rate hike draws ever closer, these are the stocks to sell. Read Article

Twitter Inc’s (TWTR) NFL Deal Is Hype and Nothing More

One day we may see the NFL deal as the moment when TWTR discovered itself. But it's more likely to be as effective for Twitter stock as it was for Yahoo. Read Article

HAL Stock: Is Halliburton Company Worth It Without Baker Hughes?

Halliburton's dream buy-out is starting to falter, and without BHI, HAL stock may not be worth it. Read Article

SunEdison Inc (SUNE) Finally Steps Over the Cliff’s Edge

SunEdison (SUNE) has reportedly begun Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, sending SUNE stock down by nearly 50% and pushing a sordid saga to its end. Read Article

Marathon Oil Corporation: MRO Is a Risky Way to Play Oil

The rally in prices for crude oil may have already run its course, so be careful if you're looking for bargains among the likes of Marathon Oil (MRO). Read Article