7 ‘Millennial’ Stocks to Buy No Matter What Age You Are

millennial stocks - 7 ‘Millennial’ Stocks to Buy No Matter What Age You Are

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If you’re a “millennial,” i.e. if you were born between 1980 and 2000, you’re part of the generation every other generation loves to hate. Maybe it’s because you’re in the biggest generation numerically, with some 92 million members in the U.S. Or, maybe your habits, likes and dislikes just rub other generations the wrong way.

7 'Millennial' Stocks to Buy No Matter What Age You Are

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Yet, when I see a group this big that’s gotten so much attention (negative or otherwise), I start to look for opportunity, and that means I look for the best millennial stocks to own that are linked to this group’s fortunes.

At the core of the millennial generation is a reliance on technology — such as smartphones, the internet and social media — to help accomplish almost everything. Then there is the focus on health and fitness and finding a sound work/life balance.

There’s also an aversion to traditional institutions such as marriage, and the shunning of traditional desires like buying a home or starting a family. These are values that other generations, particularly my own baby boomer cadre, just find a bit off-putting.

I am not one who disdains millennials, however. No, I’d rather profit from their proclivities. So with that in mind, here are seven millennial stocks that I think are perfect for investors of any age.

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Amazon (AMZN)

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Amazon (AMZN)

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One of my favorite stocks, millennial or otherwise, is the amazing Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). The online seller of everything also is a millennial, having been “born” in 1994.

Since then, the company and its brilliant CEO Jeff Bezos have essentially conquered the online marketplace, leaving thousands of traditional retailers laid to waste along the way.

In addition to the core online retail operation, Amazon also owns audio bookseller Audible.com, film database website IMDB and the heavily trafficked online book community site Goodreads.

Of course, the latest and perhaps biggest game-changing acquisition by Amazon is grocery chain Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NASDAQ:WFM), which also is a millennial stock perfect for any age.

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Google (GOOGL)

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Google (GOOGL)

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Search giant parent company Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is the quintessential millennial stock, as its very existence is based on the millennial trend of “Googling” everything one needs to know about the world.

From finding an address, to finding a good sushi spot, to finding information for your term paper (and even for doing research on millennial-related stocks), these days you would be hard-pressed not to use Google.

This reliance by not only the millennial generation, but by every other generation, is what’s made Google (and its horrendously named parent, Alphabet) such a profitable, game-changing force in the world.

I suspect Google will keep delivering big earnings (as it just did Monday), in the quarters and years to come. It’s also likely to provide investors of all ages a profitable search tool.

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Facebook (FB)

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Facebook (FB)

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You can’t talk about millennials without taking about social media, as it is perhaps the most defining trend of the generation.

Without doubt, the most defining of social media entities is Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Mark Zuckerberg’s digital creation has transformed the way the world connects, and nobody knows that more than millennials.

In doing so, Facebook also has become the go-to site for for advertisers of nearly every stripe. The company’s massive data operation, and the targeted metrics provided to it voluntarily by its 1.94 billion active users (as of Q1, 2017), allow advertisers to pinpoint potential customers with an almost uncanny accuracy.

That accuracy has many non-millennials worried about privacy and “Big Brother” issues, but millennials know that’s the world we live in … and so do advertisers.

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Paypal (PYPL)

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Paypal (PYPL)

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For baby boomers like me, cash was always king. And for generation X, credit cards were the prime way to conduct business transactions. For millennials, and for a growing portion of the entire planet, digital payments have become the king of the transaction hill … and the king of digital payment is Paypal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PYPL).

The brainchild of Silicon Valley venture luminary Peter Thiel, tech entrepreneur extraordinaire Elon Musk and several other giant brains in the so-called “Paypal mafia,” the digital transaction firm now has expanded into a premier payment processing services firm worldwide.

For millennials, tech and convenience are just two essentials of life, and they’re almost taken for granted. With Paypal, investors can benefit from both of these profitable essentials.

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Tesla (TSLA)

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Tesla (TSLA)

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Speaking of Elon Musk, there is perhaps no more aspirational millennial automobile than the all-electric luxury car from Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA).

Though most millennials aren’t really in a position to spend $100,000 or so on the iconic Model S, soon they won’t have to, as the more affordable, mass-market Model 3 will hit the highways soon.

Now, much has been bandied about regarding Tesla shares. Like millennials, it’s a stock many “old guard” value investing types love to hate. Yet what I think these value players forget is that Tesla the company, as well as TSLA the stock, are still in the early stages of what I think will be a decades-long transformational change in the transportation and power industries.

And, if the Model 3 is as successful as its higher-end Model S has been, then TSLA’s share price today could be looked upon nostalgically as a time when shares were much lower.

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Apple (AAPL)

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Apple (AAPL)

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Although technically born a few years before the millennial generation, I know of no company that better embodies the millennial generation’s love of personal technology more than Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).

The company’s iconic iPhone will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year, and in my view that device is perhaps the archetypal gadget of the generation.

The way I see it, the iPhone and millennials just go hand in hand. In fact, try to find a millennial that doesn’t have an iPhone in their hand, or an iTunes account on their phone. It’s not going to be easy.

Sure, there’s competition from Samsung Electronics (OTCMKTS:SSNLF) and other smartphone makers, but at the top of the profit mountain you’ll still find a crisp, juicy Apple … and that makes AAPL stock perfect for investors of any age.

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Lululemon (LULU)

Millennial Stocks Perfect for Any Age: Lululemon (LULU)

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Millennials don’t really like to dress up. In fact, almost every millennial woman I know lives in yoga pants. Yoga pants, active wear and casual chic clothes are the province of my final millennial stock, Lululemon Athletica inc. (NASDAQ:LULU).

This is one of those brands that not only millennials have embraced, but that also have crossed over into the Gen X and baby boom markets. One reason the brand has become so popular — and by extension the reason the company has been so successful — is because Lululemon clothes are comfortable.

Comfort, along with a focus on fitness, is a value that permeates the millennial consumer. So it’s no surprise that the Lululemon brand has been such a big success story. It’s also no surprise why the shares have jumped nearly 337% over the past 10 years.

Jim Woods is the editor of the Successful ETF Investing and Stock Investor’s Blueprint group of advisory services. As of this writing, he was long AMZN, FB.

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