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Top SPAC Merger News This Week: Bakkt, Lucid Motors, Proterra and 16 More Hot SPACs

The week may be winding down, but it seems like SPAC merger news continues to heat up.

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In fact, this week brought major moves in more than nine special purpose acquisition companies. For investors less familiar with this world, SPACs are public companies that merge with private companies. Essentially, SPACs help private businesses avoid the IPO process. Importantly, following the pandemic selloff in March, investors have had a huge appetite for new offerings. That means SPAC mergers have dominated the market.

This week was no different. Dive into the latest news with InvestorPlace below:

No. 1: Bakkt SPAC Merger News

SPAC: VPC Impact Acquisition (NASDAQ:VIH)
Private Company: Bakkt

To kick off this week, investors learned that cryptocurrency exchange Bakkt would be coming public via VPC Impact Acquisition. Importantly, this news follows a series of all-time highs in a variety of cryptos like bitcoin (CCC:BTC).

So what else do investors need to know? One other thing that stands out here is the growing mainstream support for cryptos. This means Bakkt could be coming public at the perfect time.

For more, read the brief on the Bakkt SPAC merger news here.

No. 2: Lucid Motors SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Churchill Capital IV (NYSE:CCIV)
Private Company: Lucid Motors

The Lucid Motors SPAC merger rumors may have been the most powerful on Wall Street this week. After Bloomberg reported the EV maker was in talks with Churchill Capital, CCIV stock started soaring. Although there is still no confirmation of the deal, investors are quite excited.

One thing to note is that Lucid Motors is a solid EV play. It has the leadership of a former Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) engineer. It also is already about to start delivering its signature Air all-electric sedan.

For more, read our brief on the Lucid Motors rumors here.

No. 3: Buzzfeed SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Supernova Partners Acquisition (NYSE:SPNV)
Private Company: BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed may be about to cash in on a series of digital media SPACs. According to the rumors, the digital media empire is looking to come public. And if it does, it will allow investors access to BuzzFeed, Tasty and the HuffPost brands.

What else should you know? Well, many experts think a BuzzFeed SPAC is the next step before more media acquisitions. If the company comes public, it could snap up other brands as it sees fit.

For more, read our brief on the BuzzFeed SPAC merger news here.

No. 4: Faraday SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Property Solutions Acquisition (NASDAQ:PSAC).
Private Company: Faraday

Lucid Motors was not the only EV company stirring up SPAC merger news this week. Faraday & Future, the company behind the all-electric FF 91, is also looking to come public.

So what else should you know? One other interesting think about Faraday is that it is working on autonomous vehicle technology. That means a Faraday SPAC merger would provide double exposure to the EV and AV trends.

For more, read our brief on the Faraday SPAC merger news here.

No. 5: CarLotz News

SPAC: Acamar Partners Acquisition (NASDAQ:ACAM)
Private Company: CarLotz

So what is the news with the CarLotz SPAC merger? Well, investors have known for a little while that the used-car company is looking to come public through Acamar. However, earlier this week, they got an exciting update. Importantly, CarLotz announced expansion plans that make the deal even more exciting. This announcement sent ACAM stock climbing.

For more, read our brief on the CarLotz SPAC merger news here.

No. 6: Stem SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Star Peak Energy Transition (NYSE:STPK)
Private Company: Stem

Investors can thank Citron Research for the action this week in Star Peak Energy Transition and STPK stock. Importantly, the blank-check company is planning on bringing Stem public. And as Citron put it, this is the most interesting alternative energy deal since Tesla.

What does this mean for STPK? Well, Investors may know that Stem represents the world of energy storage solutions. This means that as it comes public, it will be entering into a very eco-friendly market. With the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden this week, look for more gains in STPK shares.

For more, read our brief on the Stem SPAC merger news here.

No. 7: AvePoint SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Apex Technology Acquisition (NASDAQ:APXT)
Private Company: AvePoint

As far as blank-check companies go, AvePoint is a pretty straightforward deal. The company is a standard software firm, working with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) to provide data management solutions for its cloud. However, investors were quite bullish on APXT stock earlier this week.

Why? Well, ahead of the AvePoint SPAC merger closing, the companies are going on a bit of a publicity tour. As they do so, investors are hopeful for more SPAC visibility and more share-price gains.

For more, read our brief on the AvePoint SPAC merger news here.

No. 8: Proterra SPAC Merger News

Private Company: Proterra

Yes, there is even more electric vehicle SPAC news from this week. Investors learned that Proterra, the maker of all-electric buses, is coming public via ArcLight. One interesting thing about Proterra is that it appeals to a different segment of the transportation market. This is because it promises to electrify public transit buses and school buses.

What else should you know? Earlier in 2020, investors were betting that Proterra was coming public via Qell Acquisition (NASDAQ:QELL). Unfortunately for QELL stockholders, that is not the case.

For more, read our brief on the Proterra SPAC merger news here.

No. 9: MoneyLion SPAC Merger News

SPAC: GS Acquisition Holdings Corp II (NYSE:GSAH)
Private Company: MoneyLion

Just as with the Lucid Motors SPAC rumors, there is no confirmation of the MoneyLion deal. However, because the target company is a fintech specialist, GSAH stock has been hot.

So what else do you need to know? MoneyLion is yet another fintech business looking to shake up the traditional banking industry. Through its mobile platform, it offers a variety of banking services including online banking and credit-building loans.

For more, read our brief on the MoneyLion SPAC merger news here.

No. 10: Billtrust News

SPAC: South Mountain Merger (NASDAQ:SMMC)
Private Company: Billtrust

This week, Billtrust closed its SPAC merger with South Mountain Merger. As a result, the software and integrated payments processing company is now trading under the ticker BTRS.

For more, read our brief on the Billtrust SPAC merger news here.

No. 11: Lion Electric SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Northern Genesis Acquisition (NYSE:NGA)
Private Company: Lion Electric

Investors likely know that electric vehicle play Lion Electric is coming public via Northern Genesis. But what was behind the big move in NGA stock this week?

Well, Lion Electric CEO Marc Bedard went on Mad Money ahead of the SPAC merger. Seeing this as a good publicity moment for NGA stock, many investors celebrated. Plus, with as many SPACs as there are right now, it can be helpful to boost the visibility of a deal. Investors should also note that Northern Genesis shares are up nearly 40% since the start of the year.

For more, read our brief on the Lion Electric SPAC merger news here.

No. 12: Talkspace SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Hudson Executive Investment (NASDAQ:HEC)
Private Company: Talkspace

On Wednesday, investors learned that Talkspace is coming public via blank-check company Hudson Executive. For those unfamiliar, Talkspace is a mobile and online platform that connects licensed therapists with patients.

Why does this matter? Well, the telehealth platform boosts all sorts of benefits in terms of convenience and cost savings. Additionally, thanks to Covid-19, Talkspace and its peers have seen business boom. Although the circumstances are unfortunate, they set the stage for HEC stock and an exciting Talkspace SPAC merger.

For more, read our brief on the Talkspace SPAC merger news here.

No. 13: Momentus SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Stable Road Acquisition (NASDAQ:SRAC)
Private Company: Momentus

Investors may not be incredibly familiar with the deal between Stable Road and Momentus. However, SRAC stock found itself in the spotlight on Thursday. That is because Momentus is a so-called space towing company, meaning that it aids in space transportation. Right now its customers include SpaceX and defense company Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT).

So what had SRAC soaring? Ark Invest announced it was launching a new space-focused exchange-traded fund. To investors, SRAC stock would be a good fit for the fund, driving a rally in all sorts of other space names as well.

For more, read our brief on the Momentus SPAC merger news here.

No. 14: LiveVox SPAC Merger News

SPAC: Crescent Acquisition (NASDAQ:CRSA)
Private Company: LiveVox

On Thursday, investors learned that LiveVox will come public through Crescent Acquisition. For those unfamiliar with the deal, LiveVox is a specialist in cloud-based communications. In other words, it helps connect businesses with agents and customer service reps.

For more, read our brief on the LiveVox SPAC merger news here.

No. 15: AST SpaceMobile SPAC Merger News

SPAC: New Providence Acquisition (NASDAQ:NPA)
Private Company: AST SpaceMobile

New Providence Acquisition is another beneficiary of the Ark Invest news. Just as the Space Exploration ETF sent SRAC stock climbing, NPA stock saw gains on Thursday. This is because New Providence is bringing AST SpaceMobile to the public markets.

What else do you need to know? AST SpaceMobile may not be a household name, but it is a good fit for a space exploration ETF. Essentially, the company is looking to create a mobile communications network up in space. Talk about innovation!

For more, read our brief on the AST SpaceMobile SPAC merger news here.

No. 16: VG Acquisition News

SPAC: VG Acquisition (NASDAQ:VGAC)
Private Company: Unknown

Yep, you guessed it! VG Acquisition is yet another beneficiary of the Ark Invest news. Without any confirmation of the fund constituents from executive Cathie Wood, investors were scrambling to find good fits. On that list was VG Acquisition, a blank-check company from Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Group.

What should you know? Well, the biggest part to this story is that VG Acquisition has not yet identified a merger target. However, the company said it wants to focus on one of the success areas of Virgin Group. To some social media users, that meant portfolio companies Virgin Orbit and Virgin Hyperloop could be good fits. And if those SPAC merger rumors work out, VGAC stock could find itself a home in the new ARKX ETF.

For more, read our brief on the VG Acquisition SPAC merger news here.

No. 17: Arrival SPAC Merger News

Private Company: Arrival

Arrival and CIIC stock have continued to captivate attention since first announcing their SPAC merger plans. That is because Arrival is yet another interesting electric vehicle maker. Specifically, the company is working to develop all-electric vans and buses for city transportation.

So what happened this week? Well, analysts at Wolfe Research initiated coverage and set a $50 price target on shares. They commented on the market opportunity, microfactory model and the institutional support that Arrival already has. This means you should definitely keep CIIC stock on your radar.

For more, read our brief on the Arrival SPAC merger news here.

No. 18: Red Sox SPAC Merger News

SPAC: RedBall Acquisition (NYSE:RBAC)
Private Company: Fenway Sports Group

On Thursday, RBAC stock was on the move after flying relatively under the radar. That is because many investors believe we are nearing a Red Sox SPAC merger. In other words, there is speculation that RedBall Acquisition is taking Fenway Sports Group, owner of the Red Sox team, public. Plus, Fenway Sports group also owns the Liverpool Football Club.

What else should investors know? To start, there is no confirmation of the deal. However, if a Red Sox SPAC merger does manifest, it would set a precedent for the sports world.

For more, read our brief on the Red Sox SPAC merger news here.

No. 19: Golden Nugget SPAC Merger News

SPAC: FAST Acquisition (NYSE:FST)
Private Company: Golden Nugget

Billionaire Tilman Fertitta is once again making waves in the SPAC world. This is because on Thursday, Bloomberg reported he was looking into a merger for some of his other restaurant and hospitality brands. If the report is true, the Golden Nugget casino and Landry’s restaurant brands would come public.

What else should investors know? If this all sounds familiar, it is because Fertitta is the man behind Golden Nugget Online Gaming (NASDAQ:GNOG). His online gambling properties came public via a blank-check company recently.

For more, read our brief on the Golden Nugget SPAC merger news here.

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