ChatGPT Says These 5 Cryptos Can Make You Rich in 5 Years


  • I asked ChatGPT which cryptocurrencies stand the best chance of creating millionaires in the years to come.
  • The artificial intelligence (AI) bot has drawn attention to its ability to complete all sorts of tasks.
  • With its ability to use quantitative and qualitative factors to evaluate an investment, it could be an apt tool for investors in the future.
cryptos to buy - ChatGPT Says These 5 Cryptos Can Make You Rich in 5 Years

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I’ve been having a lot of fun using ChatGPT recently. The artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot has polarized both users and the media. Some call it a fad; others call it the future. I personally am not sure what I think. But as a person who concerns themselves with the unique goings-on of the investing world, I have enjoyed learning how the model thinks about investing. 

AI itself has become a hot selling point for tech investments. The November release of OpenAI’s chatbot sparked a fiery interest in AI-exposed assets. In the last five months, we’ve seen this lead to a bevy of different AI products being hustled forward by companies like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META). These products all promise to change how we can surf the internet, communicate with other humans, create and more. 

The use cases for AI are undoubtedly far-reaching. One use case in which investors might have a keen interest is the models’ ability to select investments. Indeed, for years now, humans have been using advanced metrics to analyze assets and inform investment decisions. Quantitative analysis tools have taken countless charts of price trends, earnings data, and other data and compiled the data in an informed prediction of a stock’s behavior. But what if that model could be improved upon and added to?

This is where AI steps in, with the added dimension of holding vastly more data. Atop quantitative analysis, AI can provide qualitative takes — digesting news, looking at corporate road maps, and understanding non-mathematical fundamental strengths.

AI Stands to Challenge Quantitative Analysis

I had previously tasked ChatGPT with telling me which cryptos to buy. I wanted to see how the model would make its decisions, and on the one hand, I was very impressed by its use of quantitative and qualitative data to inform its recommendations. With this robustness, it and other AI chatbots stand to offer a new type of automated analysis not currently offered by anybody.

The drawback to ChatGPT, though, is that, like many other chatbots, it is not connected to the internet. This means it cannot access up-to-date information. Currently, ChatGPT is limited to data as recent as 2021. Obviously, this presents some challenges. 2021 was an entirely different time for crypto, with the industry in its biggest boom ever. The model doesn’t take into account the proceeding crashes, bankruptcies, crypto winter, and blockbuster news like the FTX collapse.

Other chatbots are on the way that can remedy this issue for investors. Microsoft’s Bing AI, for example, will be connected to the internet as a search engine. So, the bot will have real-time data to work with. But in the meantime, with limited options, it is still quite interesting to pick at the “brain” of an AI model.

ChatGPT’s Cryptos to Buy

I asked ChatGPT once again for a list of cryptos to buy. By tasking the bot with picking assets once again, we can see whether it sticks to its guns and maintains a legitimate belief in the assets it picked the first time around. If it is genuine in its metrics for evaluation, it should essentially pick the same assets, after all.

Without further ado, the five cryptos to buy that ChatGPT picked out were:

That said, it’s a reasonably mundane list, but that’s not bad. I asked the bot to come up with five crypto assets which could make for a long-term portfolio with a high outlook. In 2021, this list would be a no-brainer. Even in 2023, it could be argued that these five will stick around for years to come.

Of course, a quantitative analysis model could probably turn up the same picks. But, there’s an added layer of confidence that comes with ChatGPT’s qualitative studies. For example, atop the project’s solid fundamentals, the bot cites Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, as an innovator in the crypto space and a reason for its belief in future growth. It also picked Polkadot based on its “unique architecture” compared to other layer-1s, a factor that helps it stand out.

The ability of the chatbot to take in both types of data is impressive. And, while there’s certainly no excuse to use ChatGPT as a sole source of financial advice, it proves its worth as a starting point.

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