7 Restaurant Stocks Sizzling With Potential in June 2023


  • Darden Restaurants (DRI): Darden owns a diverse range of compelling brands.
  • McDonald’s (MCD): McDonald’s caters to those returning to the office.
  • Dave & Buster’s (PLAY): Dave & Buster’s is a play on normalization trends.
  • Read more about these top restaurant stocks to buy.
Top Restaurant Stocks to Buy - 7 Restaurant Stocks Sizzling With Potential in June 2023

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When I posed the question about why investors might consider the top restaurant stocks to buy to artificial-intelligence-powered chatbot ChatGPT, it replied that people, who have a basic need for food, often elect dining out as a popular consumer choice. Moreover, as the economy grows and consumer spending increases, eateries tend to benefit from higher foot traffic and increased sales.

Although criticisms about AI accuracy have long clouded the sector, in this case, ChatGPT is spot on. Multiple sources indicate that revenge traveling – or the desire to get out of the home after suffering collective cabin fever during the pandemic – continues to bolster current consumption behaviors. Further, the rise of business travel boosted fine dining, which should trickle down to other high-potential restaurant stocks.

To be fair, sentiment related to revenge travel may be peaking. Based on the nuances of the otherwise robust May jobs report – such as declining growth of hours worked and wages – the best sizzling restaurant stocks might not be indefinitely appetizing. Still, it might take some time for the negative news to affect consumers noticeably. For contrarian speculators, these are the promising restaurant stocks to consider.

Darden Restaurants (DRI)

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Last month, Darden Restaurants (NYSE:DRI) acquired Ruth’s Chris Steak House for about $715 million, per the AP. Fundamentally, the move both bolsters Darden’s premium eatery offerings while diversifying the company to maximize post-pandemic opportunities.

Back in 2022, revenge travel represented a key buzzword. That was the time when several nations began loosening their Covid-19 restrictions. Consumers that put off their vacation plans eagerly boarded planes and hopped in their cars to advantage of the economic reopening. Better yet, this consumer behavioral phenomenon remains relevant this year, making DRI one of the top restaurant stocks to buy.

Essentially, Darden features a wealth of premium brands that can target both wealthier households and vacationers looking for memorable experiences. As well, the company features multiple casual dining brands such as Olive Garden, soaking up everyday consumer dollars. To be fair, I wouldn’t classify it as a candidate for truly high-potential restaurant stocks; rather, it’s a decent potential play. While not a sexy label, Darden keeps you in the game.

McDonald’s (MCD)

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As a fast-food icon, McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) makes a strong case for top restaurant stocks to buy under arguably moist circumstances. Primarily, the benefit of targeting names like MCD centers on broad, everyday relevance. For example, several McDonald’s locations are open 24/7, providing a critical service to people who work unorthodox hours. What’s more, you don’t necessarily need to eat there to extract value from the brand.

Specifically, McDonald’s compelling caffeinated beverage options for those on the go. This framework represents a relatively underappreciated demand stream as more companies continue to recall their workers back to the office. In fact, in August of last year, CNBC stated that people returning to their offices has led to a spike in restaurant-ordered breakfast sales.

Moving forward, employers cracking the whip should help MCD and other promising restaurant stocks. With companies continuing to axe high-paying positions, employers have excellent leverage. They’ll increasingly advantage of it, making MCD a buy.

Dave & Buster’s (PLAY)

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In my opinion, Dave & Buster’s (NASDAQ:PLAY) ranks among the top restaurant stocks to buy based on what’s lying ahead on the horizon. As I said earlier, more companies have started recalling their employees. This directive includes insurance firm Farmers Group, which recently did an about-face on its full remote work policy. Instead, its employees must align with a hybrid schedule.

Of course, this pivot sparked much uproar. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, companies can do whatever they want (within a legal framework). On the other end, employees are free to seek greener pastures elsewhere. That so many are crying foul on Farmers’ internal social media platforms rather than devoting their energy to finding new jobs loosely suggests that opportunities for high-paying remote work are becoming more limited.

In all this drama with Farmers and other enterprises, the beneficiary is Dave & Buster’s. When PLAY stock soared a few days ago off management’s solid growth outlook for the medium term, investors should believe it. That’s because it might not be including the return-to-office narrative. Thus, PLAY represents one of the best sizzling restaurant stocks to buy.

Ark Restaurants (ARKR)

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Diving into the more speculative arena of top restaurant stocks to buy, Ark Restaurants (NASDAQ:ARKR) intrigues because of its fresh taking on the underlying experience. Catering toward a young and upwardly mobile consumer base, ARKR enjoys an energy that competing firms would have trouble matching. Also, the above talking points about the return to the office could distinctly lift shares.

While seemingly most remote workers are busy typing comments on internet forums about how productive they are at home – oh, really? – those who are new to the workforce have a different take. Last year, The New York Times noted that internships started in full bloom but without the bosses in the office. Naturally, this framework stymies both personal and corporate growth.

Over time, I believe that companies will recall their employees because of the turnover conundrum. Workers retire or quit and enterprises need to hire their replacements. However, it’s difficult to trust people without actually interfacing with them. Subsequently, Ark should enjoy a relevancy burst, making ARKR one of the promising restaurant stocks to consider.

Arcos Dorados (ARCO)

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An intriguing idea for speculators, Arcos Dorados (NYSE:ARCO) could be one of the top restaurant stocks to buy, mainly due to the revenge travel phenomenon. According to its public profile, Arcos is a company that owns the master franchise of the fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s in 20 countries within Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fundamentally, of course, Arcos should rise based on post-pandemic normalization trends in its home markets. Since the beginning of this year, ARCO gained nearly 17% of its equity value. Over the past 365 days, shares moved up nearly 30%. However, the brand should also benefit from an influx of tourists, specifically American tourists.

First, Americans love traveling to Latin America and the Caribbean, especially Mexico. Our southern neighbor is the most popular foreign destination for U.S. residents and it’s not even close. Sure enough, Arcos Dorados operates in Mexico. Second, Americans love visiting foreign McDonald’s. Put the two together and you have a case for restaurant stocks with upside potential.

Good Times Restaurants (GTIM)

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With Good Times Restaurants (NASDAQ:GTIM), we’re diving into the truly speculative segment of top restaurant stocks to buy. To warn you right off the bat, Good Times only carries a market capitalization of $37.33 million. Because its value sits below $50 million, most investors would likely consider GTIM a nano-cap trade. You can make some huge profits here but you might also absorb catastrophic losses.

For the time being, fortune smiles on Good Times. Since the January opener, GTIM gained over 37% of its equity value. In the past 365 days, it’s up just under 18%, which isn’t bad at all. According to its corporate profile, the brand specializes in premium burgers and frozen custard. Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, the company predominately operates in its home state with 33 locations. The other two are located in Wyoming.

At first glance, that might seem a turn-off under the context of high-potential restaurant stocks. But upon closer look, GTIM could be ideally situated. For years now, millennials have flocked to Colorado for its relatively lower prices and more reasonable pace of life. With stubbornly high inflation, the migration might continue unabated, making GTIM a speculative buy.

One Group Hospitality (STKS)

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Another high-risk name among the top restaurant stocks to buy, One Group Hospitality (NASDAQ:STKS) should be on your radar if you like to roll the dice at the casino. Desiring to lead in the field known as vibe dining, One Group represents a global hospitality company that develops and operates upscale and polished casual, high-energy restaurants and lounges. It also provides hospitality management services for hotels, casinos, and other high-end venues.

Fundamentally, STKS could rise thanks to the last hurrah in revenge travel sentiment. While the most recent employment data present strong headline numbers, the granular details suggest that workers are slowly seeing the benefits of a robust bull market fade. A recession might not be just around the corner but circumstances holistically are not as great as they seem.

Nevertheless, a record expansion of household debt to over $17 trillion suggests that consumers aren’t yet ready to put down the plastic. Because of this framework, STKS may rise over the next few months as people don’t want to face reality just yet.

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