7 Stocks Under $15 Predicted to Boom in the Next 2 Years


  • SoFi (SOFI): Its diversification boosts revenue, reducing reliance on lending.
  • CompoSecure (CMPO): Improved its bottom line despite challenges like inflation.
  • Vistagen (VTGN): Proceeds with advancing trials for social anxiety and depression treatments.
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Stocks Under $15 - 7 Stocks Under $15 Predicted to Boom in the Next 2 Years

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If you’re searching for stocks under $15, look no further. These seven offerings, all priced below $15, present a unique opportunity for individual investors to profit from future development. These equities cover various industries, from cutting-edge science and financial services to booming energy production and development opportunities, offering a diverse portfolio for potential profit.

The first one achieved an increasing market reach and improved financial stability through a deliberate change towards income diversification. Similarly, the latter can continue to profit even in the face of inflation. These stocks are resilient to market fluctuations, providing a secure investment option. Potential advances in the field of healthcare are indicated by the third one’s progress in clinical trials for the treatment of depression and social anxiety.

In the meantime, the fourth technology company’s success with connected TV (CTV) advertising highlights its capacity to adjust to changing market conditions. Additionally, the fifth one shows a dedication to sustainable expansion by optimizing operational performance.

Next, the sixth one’s steadily increasing earnings from royalties and flagship items highlight its place in the market and steadiness. Finally, the energy sector’s solid production increase in the seventh demonstrates how well it can access profitable hydrocarbon sources.

Stocks Under $15: SoFi (SOFI)

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By effectively diversifying its top-line, SoFi (NASDAQ:SOFI) has increased its target market and decreased its need in the lending segment. Thus, non-lending sectors increased their share of adjusted net revenue from 34% to 40% in Q4 2023.

Additionally, the Financial Services division had exceptional growth, with net sales rising to $139.1 million, an increase of 115% over the previous year. In addition, the technology platform business showed consistent growth, as seen by a 13% boost in net sales over the prior year. These developments indicate SoFi’s capacity to seize chances outside of the conventional loan space and use its platforms for financial services and technology to boost income.

Moreover, by reducing SoFi’s exposure to the risks associated with any one product or market, income stream diversification improves the company’s consolidated financial stability and resilience. Hence, by going beyond loans, SoFi will be able to reach a broader spectrum of consumer demands and enter new market sectors, opening up new growth prospects.

CompoSecure (CMPO)

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CompoSecure (NASDAQ:CMPO) has reported a pattern of increasing bottom-line. This reflects net income and adjusted EBITDA boosts attained under obstacles such as fluctuations in fair value obligations and inflationary pressure. Comparing Q4 2023 against Q4 2022, net income increased by 39%

Indeed, reductions in expenditures, with other conservative operational expense management, led to this gain in the bottom line. Net income was also positively impacted by adjustments to the earnout consideration liability, derivative liability, and warrant liabilities’ fair values. Similarly, adjusted EBITDA increased considerably over the year. The company has focused on increasing its operational edge and boosting its bottom line. This is observed in the increase generated by net sales growth and operating expenditure reductions.

Overall, CompoSecure showed its adaptability and success in challenging market conditions by boosting adjusted EBITDA despite obstacles like inflationary pressure.

Stocks Under $15: Vistagen (VTGN)

The logo for VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc (VTGN) is seen on a white background.

One of the main factors influencing Vistagen’s (NASDAQ:VTGN) growth potential is the PALISADE Phase 3 program. This focuses on developing fasedienol specifically for the acute treatment of social anxiety disorder (SAD). The PALISADE-3 trial may begin in H1 2024, and the PALISADE-4 trial may begin in H2 2024. These schedules show essential turning points in the organization’s clinical development process.

Furthermore, the purpose of the multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled PALISADE studies is to assess the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of fasedienol in adult patients with SAD. The trials are conducted in the United States and use the Subjective Units of Distress Scale (SUDS) as the primary efficacy objective to evaluate how well fasedienol relieves anxiety symptoms following a single dosage during a public speaking challenge.

Apart from fasedienol, Vistagen is also promoting the development of itruvone for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) and PH80 for indications related to women’s health. Planning and preparations are in place for Itruvone’s Phase 2B development for MDD. In short, this suggests that Vistagen is strategically expanding its pipeline to target depression.

Viant (DSP)

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Viant (NASDAQ:DSP) has cutting-edge technological solutions and tactical efforts like Direct Access. This has proven to be a formidable force in the CTV advertising market. CTV is the company’s biggest channel. In the fourth quarter of 2023, it accounted for about 40% of all ad expenditures on Viant’s platform. Viant’s Household ID technology addresses the issues raised by the deprecation of cookies. This allows targeted advertising in cookie-free contexts, which is a major factor in this boost in ad expenditures.

Moreover, Viant’s clientele and spending volumes have increased considerably, especially with larger mid-market clients. The number of clients making above $1 million in contributions in 2023 rose by over 20% compared to 2022. Furthermore, there were more than 30% more clients with over $500K in contributions than there were a year before.

To sum up, these patterns suggest Viant’s ability to draw in and cater to larger clients with considerable advertising expenditures. Viant has increased its market reach and strengthened its ties with important clients by concentrating on the mid-market area and providing customized solutions that satisfy their demands.

Stocks Under $15: SNDL (SNDL)

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In 2023, with an operating loss of $162.8 million, SNDL (NASDAQ:SNDL) marked a considerable uplift in operating performance. This loss was based on (partially) restructuring and goodwill impairment. However, it is up 53% from 2022’s loss of $347.8 million, which signifies a solid move towards a complete turnaround. Likewise, in Q4 2023, the operating loss was $84.9 million. Again, this is a 45% improvement from Q4 2022 ($154.6 million loss).

Similarly, in 2023, adjusted EBITDA from continuing operations was $29.2 million. This is a solid increase over 2022’s deficit of $15.8 million. Furthermore, adjusted EBITDA from continuing operations improved drastically by 147% to $3.5 million in Q4 2023 from Q4 2022.

Fundamentally, these gains in operational performance suggest SNDL’s focus on margin expansion, cost reduction, and operational edge. Overall, by improving its operating performance, SNDL can achieve sustainable growth, optimize its bottom line, and build long-term value.

Puma Biotechnology (PBYI)

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Puma Biotechnology (NASDAQ:PBYI) has constantly increased, with slight product and net revenue swings. This includes revenue from sales of NERLYNX. Similarly, product revenue for 2023 was $203.1 million, stable annually. The annual comparison shows a slight growth in product revenue.

Indeed, this expansion suggests that there is still a market lead for Puma Biotechnology’s main product, NERLYNX, which is crucial to the company’s total earnings. Moreover, Puma Biotechnology derives top-line from royalties in addition to product sales. This adds to the stability of its consolidated revenue. Royalty revenue for 2023 was $32.5 million, uplifted from $28.0 million in 2022.

To conclude, Puma Biotechnology’s top-line solidity is intensified by the stability of royalty revenue, balancing with the boost in product sales.

Granite Ridge (GRNT)

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Solid performance during Q4 and 2023 indicates Granite Ridge’s (NYSE:GRNT) high boost in output. Compared to Q4 2022, production increased by 18% to over 26K barrels of oil equivalent (Boe) per day. In particular, oil output rose 8% to 12.28K barrels per day. Natural gas output increased by 29% to over 82.5K thousand cubic feet (Mcf) per day.

In 2023, total production boosted by 23% to 24,311 Boe per day compared to 2022. Oil production increased by 14% to 11.4K barrels. Natural gas output increased considerably by 32% to 77.4K Mcf per day. Granite Ridge’s exploration and extraction efforts have proven effective, as seen in a solid and rapid boost in output. 

To sum up, these patterns show that the business may effectively access hydrocarbon reserves, which translates into a higher prospective income stream. Therefore, Granite Ridge’s solid production increase puts it in a good position for future development and competitiveness in the market.

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