Overlooked AI Gems: 3 Under-the-Radar Stocks With Massive Potential


  • Buy these industrial stocks that are under-the-radar AI stocks.
  • Vertiv (VRT): The data center cooling supplier revealed 60% organic order growth and a $6.3 billion backlog.
  • Cummings (CMI): Its power generation segment is seeing record demand from data centers.
  • Eaton (ETN): Data center demand for its power distribution equipment has doubled over the trailing 12-month period.
Under-the-Radar AI Stocks - Overlooked AI Gems: 3 Under-the-Radar Stocks With Massive Potential

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Everyone who has tried generative AI knows it’s a transformational technology. And it isn’t a fad; artificial intelligence will be with us for decades. Let’s highlight some under-the-radar AI stocks to profit from this revolution.

Investors have increased their exposure to AI investments as the payoffs of the innovation become clearer. A major focus has been on semiconductor companies like Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and software stocks like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). While these industries might still have more upside, the AI impact is likely priced in.

Instead, other companies in adjacent industries could have material upside as AI investment goes into overdrive. During Q1 2024 earnings, hyperscalers like Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) disclosed increasing their capital expenditures to support their AI efforts. These capex plans have a straightforward implication: a multi-year AI data center buildout.

This capital expenditure bodes well for these under-the-radar AI stocks whose products go into AI data centers. Their products are integral in supporting the AI revolution.

Vertiv (VRT)

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One major investment area triggered by AI is the buildout of data centers. According to McKinsey estimates, U.S. demand based on power consumption could grow from 17 gigawatts (GW) in 2022 to 35 GW by 2030. This creates an upside for one of the under-the-radar AI stocks, Vertiv (NYSE:VRT).

Due to the significant computations, AI data centers run hot. That’s why Vertiv’s solutions are key to data center players. The company provides a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions geared to this industry. For instance, it offers a range of data center cooling solutions to maintain optimal temperature levels.

Indeed, Vertiv is heavily exposed to the data center at 75% of revenues. Furthermore, it is banking on its decades of experience serving the segment. Therefore, management is confident that they will capitalize on the AI trend.

Notably, the company saw 60% organic order growth related to large-scale AI data center projects in Q1 2024. Pipeline velocity surged in the quarter, leading to an $800 million backlog increase, pushing the total to a record $6.3 billion.

Due to the robust demand, Vertiv is ramping up production. Management expects expanding demand as larger projects come online. It will be a top beneficiary as a key supplier of cooling solutions for data centers.

Cummins (CMI)

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While Cummings (NYSE:CMI) is mainly an engine and commercial components provider, it is one of the best under-the-radar AI stocks to buy. That’s because it’s one of the primary providers of backup power generators necessary to keep data centers running.

Data centers need reliable power at all times. Cummings provides a range of power generators that guarantee unlimited operation hours without limit on the average variable load factor. These backup solutions are critical, especially during power grid outages.

Due to the robust demand, Cummings posted a 21% revenue increase in the North American power generation segment. Similarly, it revealed accelerating data center demand in the Chinese market.

In the Q1 2024 earnings call, management highlighted the robust demand from the data center market. CEO Jennifer Rumsey said they expect power generation revenues to increase 10% to 15% in 2024. She cited the data center market as the main driver and noted that some products were sold out through 2025.

Demand for data center power generation solutions is surging. In line with this, Cummings has increased its revenue growth guidance for the power generation segment from 5%—10% to 10%—15%. This increased optimism makes CMI stock a top buy.

Eaton (ETN)

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Eaton (NYSE:ETN) will be another beneficiary as the data center buildout to support AI innovation accelerates. According to Goldman Sachs, data center power demand will grow at a 15% compounded annual growth rate between 2023 and 2030. This will spur demand for the power distribution and backup power protection equipment Eaton offers for data centers.

Today, Eaton’s equipment is integral to multi-tenant and hyperscale data centers, making it among the best under-the-radar AI stocks. For instance, most data centers use their power distribution equipment, which includes panelboards, switchgear, busways and transformers.

Eaton provided an update on the AI data center market after impressive Q1 2024 results. Management expects the market to grow at a 25% CAGR between 2022 and 2025. Additionally, they noted Eaton’s strong position in this market, which accounted for 14% of total revenues in 2023.

Regarding forward growth, CEO Craig Arnold highlighted that orders had doubled over the trailing 12-month period. He also noted that the company had a strong negotiating pipeline. In the quarter, the project negotiation pipeline increased 169% year-over-year.

These solid fundamentals point to the momentum from AI data center growth driven by AI, big data and edge computing. The secular growth in data center demand makes Eaton one of the top under-the-radar AI stocks.

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