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Best Crypto & Blockchain Right Now

Occasionally, the financial markets are rocked by fundamental changes in the investing landscape. We believe the tokenization of assets is one such monumental change. Through asset tokenization, investors can buy pieces of a Picasso. They can invest in their favorite sports teams, or short the teams they don’t like. They can invest in royalities for music companies, and so much more. As companies begin to utilize the blockchain to tokenize their assets, we believe this area will take off like a rocket. Read on to learn how to find and invest in the strange world of tokenized assets.

Ripple Is Winning Its SEC Battle, Don’t Forget the Business

Ripple is winning its battle against the SEC. The apparent victory for the little guy is great, but also consider its developing business.

The Next Big Cryptocurrency: 7 Tokens That Could Help You Profit From Vaccine Passports

Investors looking for the next big cryptocurrency should turn to healthcare tokens, thanks to the growing popularity of vaccine passports.

Why Cardano’s Proof-of-Stake System Is Unique for a Cryptocurrency

Cardano's proof of stake system is unique for a cryptocurrency. Owning Cardano’s ADA contributes to a new proof-of-stake system that avoids crypto mining.

Forget Dogecoin, Buy This Potential 10X Cryptocurrency Instead

Congrats to Dogecoin investors. Now, it's time to find the next big thing. This cryptocurrency could be it.

The Coming Cryptocurrency Crash (And the One Crypto You Should Buy)

Dogecoin is just one sign of the cryptocurrency bubble. And like the dot-com crash, it will get ugly. But there's one reason I remain bullish on cryptocurrencies -- dApps.

Tainted By Lawsuits, Avoid Ripple Despite Recent Rise

Avoid Ripple and XRP crypto tokens, tainted by lawsuits, despite their recent rise. The value of Ripple cryptocurrency is hard to determine as the SEC and other lawsuits will taint it for many years.

Cardano Bidders Must Realize Riding Bitcoin Euphoria Also Has Its Cons

Cardano and other altcoins are riding Bitcoin euphoria but that might not be a great thing for ADA considering BTC’s maturing outlook.

Dogecoin Is the Poster Child for an Epic Financial Bubble

Dogecoin is a popular digital currency but already showing all the signs of an extremely overvalued financial bubble.

Can Bitcoin Prices Hit $130,000 in 2021? What Coinbase’s Listing Tells Us

Coinbase's listing sent Bitcoin prices to record levels this week. But Coinbase's success is a double-edged sword for BTC prices in 2021.

Dogecoin: Fantastic Meme, Less Compelling as an Investment

By all means, enjoy the wonderful Dogecoin memes. But don't lose track of the fact that there are still no fundamentals underpinning DOGE's price.

Ripple Could Climb Even Further After Stunning Comeback

In addition, while as of late it's beaten the SEC in the courts, that doesn't rule out things could start turning in the wrong direction. But, even with risks in mind, a small, speculative position in Ripple may be worth it at today's prices.

BitTorrent Has the Potential to Explode in 2021

BitTorrent is currently among the best performing altcoins of 2021, and should continue its bullish run as per analyst projections.

With the European EV Market Booming, TPG Pace Stock Is a Buy

Since EVBox is the leading operator of EV charging stations in Europe and its valuation is relatively low, TPGY stock is certainly worth buying for long-term investors.

Holo Is an Intriguing Crypto, but Investors Should Be Cautious

Holo is underlined by one of the most exciting blockchain-based innovations but you should think carefully before diving in.

Why You Should Buy $500 in DOGE as Dogecoin Prices Rocket

Dogecoin prices are up 2,800% so far this year. Is it too late to buy in? If you don't own DOGE yet, there are good reasons to buy a little.

Animal Spirits or Tangible Intrinsic Value: What’s Driving Bitcoin Right Now?

The polarized view on Bitcoin today provides little in the way of discussion on where the true value of cryptocurrencies lie.

ETH Will Reach New Heights As Ethereum Becomes More Established

While Ethereum continues to carve out a significant place in the crypto market, the price of ETH will continue to reach new highs.

Attention: Bitcoin Still Has a Path to $100,000 By Year’s End

Despite a small blip this week, the rally in Bitcoin continues. For a number of reasons, it isn't likely to stop until BTC hits six figures.

Stick to Serious Cryptos and Don’t Bother with ‘Jokecoin’ Dogecoin

Don't bark up the wrong tree by buying Dogecoin for cryptocurrency exposure. Instead, buy quality crypto plays, not memes.

Cardano Is a Cryptocurrency With a Bright Future

Developed in Switzerland by the same people behind Ethereum, Cardano is the latest cryptocurrency to captivate investors.