Dividend Stocks

Many investors overlook the importance of steady income. No matter your investment profile, dividends provide stable growth with consistent payments that accrue and compound over time. If you plan to retire wealthy, you need stocks that will pay you to own them. Our investment analysts uncover the companies with high yields, stocks increasing payouts and Dividend Aristocrats that have raised dividends steadily for 25+ years, plus much more.

AbbVie Is Worth 28% More Based on Impressive Dividends

AbbVie is still cheap despite its gains and has an attractive prospective yield. ABBV stock trades for less than 8x next year's earnings with a prospective 5.3% yield, making it 28.5% undervalued.

Why Costco Investors Shouldn’t Give Up

Costco stock is very expensive now, selling at a premium to its sales and 43 times earnings. Wait for inflation to abate, then get it for value.

3 Value Dividend Stocks for High Total Returns

There are many dividend stocks that don’t get much attention. Here are 3 that investors likely don’t know much about, but should.

7 Dividend Stocks to Buy With Yields Over 4%

When choosing dividend stocks, picks like ABR stock and EFC stock are attractive with dividend yields that are greater than 4%.

7 Great Dividend Stocks To Buy In September For Insulation from Volatility

These seven dividend stocks offer the perfect combination of income, growth potential and value.

Exxon Is a Bargain Stock For Value Investors Thanks To Its Huge Dividend

Exxon is a bargain value stock with its huge 6.45% dividend yield and low P/E. XOM stock is worth at least $79.28, based on its historical dividend yield and price-to-earnings multiples.

3 Best Vanguard Funds to Buy Now

Today, Vanguard is the largest provider of mutual funds and second largest provider of ETFs in the world with $7 trillion under management. Vanguard is also owned by the funds the company manages, effectively making it owned by its customers. In this respect, Vanguard is closer to a collective than a corporation.

Exxon Mobil Looks Great Here, Especially With Its Robust Dividend Yield

XOM stock seems undervalued and has a healthy dividend yield. The upstream business is a cash flow machine. Growth in chemicals segment likely through value-added products.

7 S&P 500 Dividend Stocks To Buy Yielding 4%  

There are 80 companies in the S&P 500 High Dividend Index ETF. Here are seven dividend stocks to buy from this exchange-traded fund that yield at least 4%.

Any Decision About AT&T Stock Should Rely on Prudence, Not Emotion

After AT&T announced a dividend cut, investors may be furious at management. But if you currently own T stock, the prudent decision may be to just sit tight and wait to see what happens next.

Exxon Mobil Stock Is Still Worth It, If Only for the Juicey Dividend

To the delight of XOM stock investors, energy stocks have been among the shares leading the market so far in 2021

3 International Stocks to Buy for Dividend Growth

International stocks tend to offer higher yields than their U.S.-based counterparts, and also offer geographic diversification.

Debt and Dividend Problems Will Plague AT&T Stock

T stock has enormous debts spinning off WarnerMedia to Discovery. Those will be repaid in the form of higher costs for 5G customers.

Exxon Mobil Stock Is Again a Safe and Steady Dividend Play

With last year's headwinds behind it, XOM stock is a great option for investors on the prowl for high-yield dividend stocks.

7 Dividend Aristocrat Stocks to Buy in September for Gains and Stability

The dividend aristocrat stocks are often looked over, but investors really should give them a look with their 10% plus returns and stability.

3 Top-Quality Dividend Stocks for a Secure Retirement

This trio of well-regarded dividend stocks should be considered as foundation pieces for an investor’s retirement portfolio.

3 High-Growth Dividend Stocks to Buy for the Long Run

These three dividend stocks are ideal for younger investors because of their long-term growth potential and fortified moats.

AT&T Stock Has an Attractive Dividend Yield and Can Climb Higher

T stock looks undervalued and has an attractive dividend yield. The spinoff of its media division is likely to create long-term value.

7 of the Best Dividend Stocks to Buy for September

These are among the best dividend stocks for your portfolio because they combine a solid dividend yield with growth potential.

Exxon Stock Looks Like a Steal at 11x P/E With A 6.3% Dividend

Exxon stock now looks like a steal with its 6.3% dividend yield and 11x P/E multiple. XOM stock is still worth $75, 36% higher, using its average historical yield and P/E metrics, despite the market's concern over the lack of buybacks.