Dividend Stocks

Many investors overlook the importance of steady income. No matter your investment profile, dividends provide stable growth with consistent payments that accrue and compound over time. If you plan to retire wealthy, you need stocks that will pay you to own them. Our investment analysts uncover the companies with high yields, stocks increasing payouts and Dividend Aristocrats that have raised dividends steadily for 25+ years, plus much more.

With No News on the Upcoming Dividend Cut, AT&T Is Bound to Languish

T stock is set to languish. It will continue to waiver with little upside until management can deliver a solid dividend policy moving forward.

7 of the Best Dividend Stocks for Passive Income

Dividend stocks are like the color black: They'll always be in style. Investors love income and that's not going to change moving forward.

3 High-Yield Energy Stocks to Buy Now

Overall, all three of these energy stocks are offering high yields as well as growth potential from exposure to rising commodity prices.

7 A-Rated Dividend Stocks to Buy for Q4

These are among the best dividend stocks to buy for Q4. Each has an A-rating in Dividend Grader, including OMC stock and SNA stock.

7 Dividend Stocks To Buy for 2022 and Hold Forever

Buy these dividend stocks and forget them for 10 years, you will win big and should have little to worry about in the interim.

Current Valuation Levels and Prospects Make Intel Stock a Buy

If Intel can show signs of progress towards delivering its long-term manufacturing goals, INTC stock is primed to surge higher

Exxon Mobil’s Rearview Mirror Reflects Renewables Gaining Ground Fast

During the last oil boom companies pushed out debt that wasn't repaid. This time Exxon Mobil is prioritizing dividends.

3 Consumer Staple Stocks for Dividends and Growth

Consumer staples stocks are a good source of stable dividends and steady yearly growth and should not be overlooked by income investors.

AT&T Stock Should Be in Everyone’s Portfolios

T stock has fallen despite a robust and visionary outlook from AT&T's CEO, so don't expect the shares to be "dead money" for much longer.

3 High-Yield Stocks With Monthly Dividends

Monthly dividend payers tend to be somewhat riskier than traditional dividend stocks, and the three we’ll look at are no exception. However, they do offer very high yields as compensation.

7 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy for October

These dividend stocks look attractive for both the near-term and the long-term with low betas and very attractive valuations.

3 Food Stocks to Satisfy Your Hunger for Income

Food stocks offer consistent growth and market-beating yields. They can also help balance growth-orientated portions of a portfolio.

ViacomCBS Is Trying to Find Where the Viewers Went

Until ViacomCBS gets control over its customer relationships, and turns a profit on them, VIAC stock will continue to languish.

7 Consumer Stocks That Are Also Serving Up Delicious Dividends

This collection of consumer stocks combines growth potential with a solid dividend track record. Here's why each should be on your radar.

Pfizer Stock: Vaccine Crown Not Enough as Profit King Status Comes Next

Pfizer is just manufacturing Comirnaty, a COVID-19 vaccine, but has other vaccines in the pipeline that could give its results, and PFE stock, a real shot in the arm.

4 Stocks to Buy for Protection From an Evergrande-Driven Correction

With markets jittery due to a potential crisis in China, here are four low beta stocks to buy for portfolio protection and dividends.

7 High-Yield Dividend Stocks That Will Please Any Income Lover

These seven dividend stocks, all yielding 5% or more, make great additions to any income investor's portfolio.

AT&T Stock Investors Aren’t Likely To Lose (Or Make) A Lot of Money

The best reason to buy AT&T is on speculation that its parts, including stock in Warner Discovery and DirecTv, turn out to be worth more than the whole after it's broken up.

AbbVie Is Worth 28% More Based on Impressive Dividends

AbbVie is still cheap despite its gains and has an attractive prospective yield. ABBV stock trades for less than 8x next year's earnings with a prospective 5.3% yield, making it 28.5% undervalued.

Why Costco Investors Shouldn’t Give Up

Costco stock is very expensive now, selling at a premium to its sales and 43 times earnings. Wait for inflation to abate, then get it for value.