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The 7 Most Promising Industries to Invest in for a Profitable 2023

With fears about a deep recession rapidly diminishing, stocks within these most promising industries should be off to the races soon.

This Breakthrough Plays into Two Massive Megatrends

We ended 2022 by talking about a highly lucrative megatrend, and we’re starting 2023 with the same: electric vehicles. Not only that, but a recent CNBC article highlighted how EVs play into another megatrend: deglobalization...

Our Top 3 EV Stock Predictions for 2023

Here are three EV stock predictions for 2023 you can take to the bank as a difficult year winds to a close for the sector.

2022 Rewind: Try This Time-Tested Strategy When Investing in EVs

In our final issue for 2022, we’re revisiting one of the most potentially lucrative megatrends on the market right now: electric vehicles and what it takes to power them.

These Numbers Point to High Prices… and Profits

I’m not evangelizing the “EV gospel” that everyone should drive their Broncos and Altimas to the scrap yard. But I am preaching about the incredible profit potential in the EV market…

How Elon Musk’s Handling of Twitter Impacts the Tesla Calculation

Being a CEO of five companies sounds like a lot. But for eclectic innovator Elon Musk, it might be too much. Let's see what's happened to his popular EV company over the last few weeks...

The Global EV Disruption Is Your Million-Dollar Opportunity

With game-changing trends now converging, we'll see jaw-dropping EV volume growth of ~2,000% through 2040 --and mega gains in EV stocks.

The Best Stocks to Buy Amid the ‘Electrification of Everything’

This week in our Hypergrowth Investing podcast, we’re looking at quite possibly the disruption of the decade -- the "Electrification of Everything." Which deals with electric vehicles, energy storage, and eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft).

Buy These EV Charging Stocks for Huge Gains in the 2020s

Without charge, EVs are no good, and that's why EV charging stocks are a great way to play the EV Revolution.

Some Things Are Too Cool – and Too Profitable – To End

In the unstoppable electric vehicle megatrend, we may see the end of muscle cars. Then again, cool cars seem to be part of America’s DNA…

Lucid Must Hit Production Goals to Be a Long-Term Buy

Lucid has a strong financial backing from Saudi Arabia, and this will ensure consistent growth in the short-term. Buy LCID stock below $20.

This One-Time King Is in Danger of Becoming Just Another Electric Vehicle Company

With competition and supply chain issues, is electric vehicle company Tesla losing its luster?

Sell Overvalued Tesla Stock as Elon Musk Hints at Long-term Trouble

TSLA stock is still trading at high valuations when compared to its peers and other growth stocks. The company is facing a series of challenges such that Elon Musk raised the possibility of bankruptcy.

3 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy Before They Get Famous Like Tesla

In the world of electric vehicle investing, Tesla is still king. However, these three electric vehicle stocks could take real market share.

5 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy for 100% Returns

These five high-growth electric vehicle stocks have corrected in the recent past and look attractive. These stocks have the potential for 100% returns in 12 to 24 months.

The 5 Best Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy Now

The number of EVs on global roads are increasing, making these shares five of the best electric vehicle stocks to buy.

Did Rivian Just Spark a Huge Comeback for Electric Vehicle Stocks?

The reestablishment of confidence in two electric vehicle manufacturing startups was enough to light a fire under the entire industry.

Mullen Automotive Can’t Meet its Promises

Mullen Automotive is big on promises and short on performance.

Best EV Stocks: Which Is the Better Pick?

With such a saturated EV market, it can be hard to choose which stock to invest in. Let's look at Nio, Rivian, and XPeng today.