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7 Dividend Stocks for the Retirement You Deserve

Building toward retirement takes a little self-restraint ... and a stash of quality dividend stocks that will grow your nest egg for decades

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Dividend stocks are a great choice for achieving the retirement you deserve. Yet there is perhaps no concept in the cultural lexicon that has been more perverted in recent years than the concept “deserve.”

In America today, many people think they deserve a decent job, good health, safety and security … just by the accident of their existence. Children and young adults are taught they deserve a trophy for participating in sports, and that they deserve good grades in school just for showing up.

Call me old school, but I think the only thing one deserves in life is what one earns. That’s true of a job, healthcare, safety, recognition, grades or anything else that is a value one must act upon to gain and/or keep. It’s also true when it comes to your retirement.

You see, you don’t deserve well-funded golden years unless you take action to earn it.

Fortunately, acting now to ensure a deserving retirement isn’t really difficult to know how to do. It is, however, actually hard to do.

Let’s face it: Deferring the short-term gratification that comes from spending money on today’s needs, wants and luxury indulgences requires an uncomfortable exercise in self-restraint. Yet mustering the fortitude to think long-term is usually what’s required if you want that well-funded retirement you think you deserve.

While I can only help you with the self-restraint aspect of this task by identifying the reality of this requirement, I can help you much more by identifying some of the best dividend stocks to buy that will help provide you the financial fertilizer by which you can grow those deserving golden years.

Here are seven dividend stocks to buy for the retirement you deserve.

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