ETF Investing

5 Index Funds Delivering High Yields of 7% or More

These five high-yield index funds naturally come with some risk -- most big-income plays do -- but we'll walk you through the dangers. Read Article

Not All Clean Energy ETFs Are Created Equal

Clean energy has been on fire so far this year as solar, wind, battery, and renewable fuel companies continue to make inroads against traditional oil and gas conglomerates. Read Article

3 ETFs to Play Defense

One might be compensated for recognizing why defense and aerospace contractors are likely to prosper for years to come. Read Article

Attention Buy-and-Hold Investors: Here’s Why Weak Corporate Revenue Is Bad for You

Corporations have roughly the same revenue per share today as they did halfway through 2007. Yet, sales growth per share has only recovered to the pre-crisis levels of 2007, whereas the S&P 500’s price has vaulted 40% up and above the pre-crisis levels of 2007. Read Article

Biotech Stocks Set to Soar, So Buy This Top Biotech ETF

Biotech stocks are NOT in a bubble, and the XBI biotech ETF is a cheap and diversified way to play the long-term potential of biotechnology. Read Article

Sector SPDRs: 3 Long-Term Plays to Make

Always keep your eyes not just on individual stocks, but big, broad sector funds like the Sector SPDRs. Here are three that make for great long-term investments. Read Article

3 Sector SPDR Funds to Sell Now

Sector SPDR funds can have a place in certain portfolios, but one must tread wisely and keep an eye on them. Here are three SPDRs worth dumping now. Read Article

3 Dividend ETFs to Play Emerging Markets

The tide has turned this year on many dividend-paying stocks in emerging market countries, which makes now a perfect time to review your existing international positions. Read Article

The Best International ETFs to Outperform the U.S.

The key is simply recognizing that international stock ETFs have the stimulus to outperform an all-domestic portfolio. Read Article

Beware the Allure of Leveraged ETFs

Leveraged ETFs promise a whole lot, and they can deliver -- but only in best-case scenarios. Otherwise, watch out! Read Article

One ETF to Reap Profits From the Stock Buyback Binge

While picking individual stock buyback plans can be complicated, playing the overall stock buyback trend is incredibly easy thanks to ETFs. Read Article

When Do Leveraged ETFs Make Sense?

Leveraged ETFs can be a money trap for careless investors ... but they can be a useful tool to fill out the aggressive part of a balanced portfolio. Read Article

Why You Should Invest in Equal-Weight ETFs

When it comes to smart-beta ETFs, simple strategies could be best. Equal-weight indices are one of the best. Read Article

Renaissance IPO ETF Offers Broad Exposure, Solid Returns

Investing in individual ETFs can be a dangerous game. Luckily, the Renaissance IPO ETF gives you a broader way to play IPOs. Read Article

Should You Buy While China Is Slow?

I am a biased believer in China’s economic might. Read Article

ACTX: Trade Like Carl Icahn With the Global X Activist Index ETF

The Global X Guru Activist Index ETF (NASDAQ:ACTX) is a new way to tap the minds of Wall Street's "smart money" and activist investors. Read Article

Airline Industry JETS ETF Takes Off Today: Should You Take A Flier?

The U.S. Global JETS ETF launched on Friday and will give investors access to a high-flying industry with its broad exposure to global airline stocks. Read Article

3 Best ETFs to Play Housing and Real Estate

Housing and real estate ETFs show potential for short-term gain but can also be smart pieces of a diversified, long-term strategy. Read Article

3 Aggressive, High-Yield Dividend ETFs to Buy

There has been a changing of the guard in 2015. Now, some of the best dividend ETFs are those with a heavy focus overseas. Here are three to explore. Read Article

3 Niche Tech ETFs to Buy for High Growth

Each of the exchange-traded funds we'll discuss offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on a niche segment of the technology sector. Read Article