ETF Investing

Why You Should Use Currency Hedging Via ETFs

Despite the fact that foreign exchange is the world’s largest marketplace, many retail investors are blissfully unaware that their stock holdings actually are at the mercy of this marketplace. Here's how to beat your competition. Read Article

Chinese Stocks: Short-Term Buy, Long-Term Sell

China's slowing birthrate means Beijing will soon face a shortage of workers to feed its economy, making Chinese stocks a long-term sell. Read Article

4 Smart Beta ETFs That Stand Out From the Crowd

While this year found many fundamental or “smart beta” ETFs at parity with their passive benchmarks, these four select ETFs are worth the added layer of sophistication. Read Article

What To Do If Bond Yields Fall Rather Than Rise

The conventional wisdom is that bond yields have to rise, but not all experts agree, and that could make some bond ETFs a good place to be. Read Article

Your Buy List of Energy Stocks and ETFs

This is a great chance to pick up some forever holds on some energy stocks and ETFs, and a time to avoid others. Read Article

3 Best ETFs for Small-Cap Growth

These best ETFs for small-cap growth might have a place in the portfolio of the conservative investor, the aggressive investor, and the all-around investor. Read Article

What To Know Before You Sideline Your Capital

The gains in 2014 have been solid across the board for stocks and bonds with the exception of some errant sectors that have been misplaced. Read Article

Buy Into HDLV for High Performance

The hybrid income vehicle Etracs Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged U.S. High Dividend Low Volatility ETN (HDLV) will be a solid performer for many months. Read Article

Here’s What to Expect for Volatility

A close through the upper band should signal a new long position once volatility starts to escalate, which is likely to happen during Thanksgiving week. Read Article

5 Reasons to Buy MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) in 2015

The iShares emerging-markets ETF has underperformed, but is a bargain buy in 2015 as growth slows elsewhere and U.S. stocks look pricey. Read Article

3 Ways to Play Lower China Interest Rates

The People's Bank of China just announced lower China interest rates. Investors should buy into material ETFs that will ride the lower rates. Read Article

The 5 Best ETFs for Investors and Traders

If you want to maximize exposure to big trends moving the market, forget stocks. These are five of the best ETFs to buy to make broader bets. Read Article

3 Best Consumer Discretionary Funds to Buy Now

If you are looking for Santa Claus to bring consumer cheer for 2015, here are three of the best consumer discretionary funds to buy now. Read Article

Eaton Vance’s New ETMFs – Game Changer, Or Just Another Game?

A new product by Eaton Vance called "exchange-traded mutual funds," or ETMFs, have their perks. However, most investors should stick to vanilla ETFs. Read Article

3 Best ETFs for Mid-Cap Value

In the universe of ETFs, the mid-cap value category offers many choices for investors. These three selections are the ones you might want to consider. Read Article

3 Gold Funds to Buy the Dip for a Rebound

Gold prices are at 4-year lows. Now can be a good time for long-term investors to take advantage and buy shares of one of the best gold funds. Read Article

UNG: Trade the Cold for 20% Gains

Should the bitter weather stick around -- and that seems likelier than not -- natural gas prices and the UNG fund could surge. Read Article

3 Best Energy Funds to Buy Now

Oil is near a four-year low and the Keystone pipeline bill has new energy. Now can be a good time to look at energy funds. Read Article

Japan’s ‘Surprise’ Recession and How You Should Trade It

Japan's shrinking economy makes shorting the Japanese yen a good play. The ProShares UltraShort Yen ETF (YCS) is one way you can do it. Read Article

The 3 Best ETFs for Mid-Cap Growth  

In the hunt for the best ETFs, the midcap growth category yields some unexpected choices for long-term appreciation Read Article