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The Best ETFs of 2014

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3 Precious Metals ETFs for 2015

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3 Best High-Yield Bond ETFs

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3 Best Dividend ETFs for 2015

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The 10 Best Index Funds for 2015, 2016, 2017…

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3 Ways to Bank on Crude Oil Volatility (USO)

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XLE: Energy Stock Bounce Will Fizzle

It's unlikely that we've seen the end of the pain in the energy space. A call spread in XLE will help investors profit from the next decline. Read Article

Profit From Climate Change With This Low-Carbon ETF

The SPDR MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF (LOWC) is an interesting exchange trade fund focused on profiting from climate change. Read Article

Should Investors Go Long or Short Gold?

With the longer-term trend still showing weakness, I like the risk-to-reward ratio this gold trade has to offer, but I still want to wait a few days to see how the action is going to play out. Read Article

Russian Stocks Will Be the Buy of a Lifetime … Someday

As long as crude oil hovers below $60 and the ruble continues its fall, Russian stocks are good only for short-term trades. Don't be surprised to see capital controls soon. Read Article

The 5 Best ETFs to Buy for 2015

The five best ETFs for new investment in 2015 include funds that protect against U.S. volatility, exploit weakness in Russia and South America, and are prepared for a rebound in the domestic energy market. Read Article

Consumer Discretionary Stocks: A 1-2 Punch for Profits

Declining gasoline prices are boosting sentiment, which should provide a boost to retail and discretionary stocks. Your move: Buy XLY and RTH. Read Article

3 MLP ETFs in the Midst of Volatile Energy

This alternative asset class is certainly one to watch through the remainder of the year and into 2015 as the situation in energy prices continues to shake out. Read Article

3 Tips for Trading Leveraged ETFs

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3 Bond Funds to Sell Now

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3 Stock Sectors to Sell in 2015  

Beware of the stock sectors involving gold, solar, and real estate next year. Various factors may lead to substantial underperformance. Read Article

Avoid This $50 Billion Mistake With Bond Funds in 2015

AGG and BND hold nearly $50 billion in assets, but investors can expect better performance from funds that are actively managed. Read Article

3 Best ETFs for International Investing

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