ETF Investing

5 Charts Displaying Current Market Conditions

Those that prefer to be more active should focus on making strategic adjustments to your asset allocation to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your objectives and risk tolerance. Read Article

One ETF With Notable Outflow

Creation of new units will mean the underlying holdings of the ETF need to be purchased, while destruction of units involves selling underlying holdings. Read Article

Here’s the Best Way to Put Your Cash to Work

Cash is an asset on the downside and a detriment on the upside. Such is the risk versus reward of carrying too much or too little of it at any given time. Read Article

4 ETFs You Can Use to Play the Fed

Regardless of what comes out of the FOMC today, interest rates are going higher at some point. When they do, these Fed-friendly ETFs will rally. Read Article

What’s Next for Russian Stocks? (RSX)

Falling oil, the weakening ruble and Russia's incursion into Ukraine all destabilize the market for Russian stocks, with the RSX and RSXJ ETFs taking a beating. We'll take a close look at the market for Russian stocks. Read Article

4 Gold ETFs to Buy for a Rebound

Gold prices have fallen into the toilet, but a few positive drivers could turn these gold ETFs into some strong contrarian buys. Read Article

Here’s What Significant Inflow in XLY Means

Creation of new units will mean the underlying holdings of the ETF need to be purchased, while destruction of units involves selling underlying holdings. Read Article

Invest in the Golden Age of Technology ETFs

The following funds offer ways to invest in new emerging trends during the golden age of technology ETFs. Read Article

5 Best Countries for ETF Investment

There's a wealth of investment opportunities in the world -- and ETFs can bring them to you. Here's five of the best single countries to buy. Read Article

3 Better Large-Cap ETFs Than the SPY

Looking for long-term growth via large-caps? Don't just settle for the plain-Jane SPY. A couple other ETFs do it better. Read Article

5 Best ETFs to Buy Now

These five ETFs to buy now all fit together very nicely to form a good foundation for your portfolio -- and individually, these five funds all offer a lot of upside potential regardless of your investment goals. Read Article

Are Steel Stocks the Ultimate Contrarian Metals Play? (SLX)

A glut on the market and Beijing's slowing economy have sent steel stocks falling, but the SLX ETF could be a great long-term play on the sector. Read Article

3 Timeless Lessons for the Nasdaq 5000

Yes, Nasdaq 5,000 is just another number, but correctly managing risk is not. Read Article

What’s the Deal With Utilities Right Now?

If the stock market’s ecstasy with aggressive risk-taking remains, further losses could be ahead for conservative industry sectors like utilities. Read Article

The ETF to Buy as the Cyber Security Sector Emerges

As the globe becomes more interconnected, the frequency and scale of cyber-attacks is likely to increase, and the best insurance policy is prevention. Read Article

Take Note of Major ETF Outflows

One standout ETF is the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (NYSEARCA:DIA), where we have detected an approximate $62.9 million dollar outflow. Read Article

2 Smart Market Hedges to Make Now (SH, VXX)

Several major market indicators say we could see selling for weeks. Use hedges like the SH and VXX to protect yourself in the short term. Read Article

INCO: Take Advantage of Reform and With These India ETFs

INCO ETF is a great long-term play on government reform and a growing middle class and consumer market in India. Read Article

Beat the Market With These 9 Sector ETFs

Indexing doesn't have to mean just dumping your nest egg into an S&P 500 fund. The Select Sector SPDRs can help you add value by letting you go all in (or all out) of individual sectors. Read Article

Nike Stock – Here’s Where NKE Stands Today

Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) is the eighth broker pick, on average, out of the 30 stocks making up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Read Article