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Facebook (FB) is the largest social media network on the planet and became a publicly traded company May 18, 2012, joining one of the most volatile stock sectors in the U.S. The company is one of the biggest names in technology, is helmed by one of the youngest, most intelligent and heavily scrutinized CEOs in the world, and currently is one of the most prevalent means of communication across the globe.

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Facebook Messenger Payments Expands to NYC

Facebook Inc has expanded its Facebook Messenger payments feature to New York City and has also added some new features. More 

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A Google Buy button that will show up in searches is on the way and will likely allow for easier shopping experiences online. More 

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Facebook Messenger Alert: Users Can Track Your Location With ‘Marauder’s Map’

Facebook Messenger users beware—a new feature called Marauder’s Map can track a user’s location to within three feet. More 

Facebook Messenger Adds ‘Stranger’ Clues for Your ‘Other’ Messages

FB is adding a new feature to Facebook Messenger that will help identify people users aren't friends with using public information. More