Apple Pay Unlikely to Be Allowed Into China

With increasingly difficult rules being imposed on foreign businesses, getting Apple Pay into China won't happen any time soon, if ever. More 

Target, Shutterfly Test Out New Facebook Product Ads

Facebook product ads is a new system for advertising on the social media service that is being tested by Target and Shutterfly. More 

Facebook ‘Real Name’ Policy Is Hassling Native Americans

Native Americans are having trouble using their real names on Facebook due to a policy to keep users from using fake names. More 

Man Finds Facebook Bug That Would Let Hackers Delete Your FB Photos

Laxman Muthiyah was awarded $12,500 for reporting a Facebook bug to the company that allowed him to delete anyone's photo albums. More 

Should You Buy Yelp Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons (YELP)

The YELP stock price has taken a hit because of its fourth-quarter earnings report. So might this be an opportunity for investors? More 

TWTR: Heed Twitter’s Warnings Signs

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to recommend TWTR again someday, but for now, I’m watching and focusing on other opportunities with fewer yellow flags. More 

6 Tech ETFs to Buy During Earnings

While XLK can be an excellent core holding for a technology-oriented portfolio, many investors may be searching for a more exotic asset allocation or index methodology to enhance their technology returns. More 

Facebook Stock: Still a Tempting Growth Play (FB)

Facebook Inc (FB) has enjoyed 20%-plus growth since July, and thanks to wise decisions in the C-suite, Facebook stock has even more room to run. More 

Facebook Classifieds: New FB Features Help Users Sell Online

Facebook classifieds have been given new features to make buying and selling on its website easier and more are coming soon. More 

Facebook Launches Internet.org in India

Facebook has brought Internet.org to India as it expands its free internet project by offering basic services to people in the country. More