Netflix Sharing to Facebook Gets More Discreet

Netflix (NFLX) has changed its privacy settings for users who have their accounts linked with their Facebook (FB) accounts. More 

FB Insider Selling: Peter Thiel Sells $28M+ in Facebook Stock

Facebook Director Peter Thiel sold 380,560 shares of FB stock for more than $28 million at an average price of $74.82 on August 27. More 

Facebook News: FB Offers Full-Time Job to Teenage Intern

Facebook has offered 18-year-old Michael Sayman, who worked as a summer intern for the company, a full-time engineering job. More 

Facebook Messenger: FB Tells Users to ‘Get the Facts’

Facebook is telling users to 'get the facts' about its Messenger app following concerns of how it uses a device's camera and microphone. More 

Instagram Releases Hyperlapse: 5 Things to Know About the Free App

Facebook-owned Instagram has released a new app called Hyerlapse that allows users to create professional looking time-lapse videos. More 

Facebook News: Mom’s Private FB Post Gets Preschooler Expelled

A four-year-old boy was expelled from a private Christian preschool following an upset post his mother made to Facebook. More 

FB Stock: Why Facebook Suddenly Cares About Crappy Clickbait

Facebook's fight against clickbait may not seem relevant to investors, but it's actually a good thing for FB stock long-term. Here's why. More 

FB News: Facebook to Clamp Down on ‘Clickbait’

Facebook, announced on Monday, that it's making efforts to reduce the amount of 'clickbait' that appears in users' News Feeds. More 

Facebook-Owned WhatsApp Hits 600 Million User Milestone

Facebook-owned WhatsApp now has more than 600 million active monthly users. The app was acquired by Facebook in February. More 

Mobile App Install Ads – A Strength Turned Weakness for FB Stock?

Facebook has gotten a huge boost from ads for mobile apps, but turbulence could be ahead -- for the business, and for FB stock. More