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Do NFL Sponsors Need to Worry About the Anthem Protest Backlash?

Despite the heated controversy, few football fans will tune out completely and NFL sponsors know it!

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The Anthem Protest Controversy Will Fade

The bark is always the loudest during the immediate aftermath of a controversy. But over time, Americans will get over it. As I argued before about the recent Equifax Inc (NYSE:EFX) scandal, “there’s nothing like coupons and commercials to sway American fury.”

Pro football is our nation’s most popular sport. I’m supposed to believe that Americans will tune out altogether and boycott NFL sponsors? Yeah, right!

Moreover, animus towards America was not the catalyst for the anthem protest. Rather, it’s law-enforcement agencies targeting people based on their skin color. This is an issue that goes back well before Colin Kaepernick first “took a knee.”

As an Asian American, I’ve never been targeted by police unjustly, and therefore, I never felt the compulsion to dissent. But I imagine that if I were black, and I was frequently accused of committing a crime, then the long stares and unfair stop-and-searches would be infuriating. But I suspect that the people attacking participants of the anthem protest have never been tested this way.

Finally, we should all consider that the protests are peaceful: no rioting, no incitement to violence. The act of taking a knee is also tame. No NFL player to my knowledge has burnt the flag or desecrated it. They are simply affirming that the Constitution should provide equal protection under the law, irrespective of skin color.

For now, the issue is an extremely contentious one. NFL sponsors may even take a revenue hit in the immediate time frame. But eventually, the controversy will fade like all controversies do. At that point, investors can get back to the business of winning, unless, of course, you own UAA stock.

As of this writing, Josh Enomoto did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

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