Earnings Preview: Is It Time to Avoid Buying Google Stock?

Is Google worth the risk in front of earnings?

It’s officially earnings season and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is set to kick off the week for large-cap stocks. But while a well-received report can offer investors quick and above-average returns, is holding Google stock through the report a smart idea given today’s amplified risks? Let’s dive into Street expectations and what’s happening off and on the stock’s chart to provide a stronger risk-adjusted determination.

Should You Avoid Buying Google Stock Ahead of Earnings?
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This earnings season has been a mixed bag offering big losers and big gainers in some of the market’s largest capitalization and recognizable companies. Recent upside reactions in Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are testaments to the bullish power of earnings.

At the same time, post-earnings stock moves in Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Electronics Arts (NASDAQ:EA) or Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) offer comparable painful losses for investors holding shares through a company’s announcement. Now and on the docket Monday evening is Alphabet’s fourth-quarter confessional.

By the numbers Alphabet is forecast to produce profits of $12.76 according to Zacks analysts. Earnings are essentially flat from 2019’s same quarter result of $12.76. However, Google stock’s “whisper number” is more bullish. That forecast calls for earnings of $13.05 per share. Profit growth for the company is expected to pick up in 2020 though with consensus views calling for an increase of 20%.

Regarding Alphabet’s top-line, core revenues for the fourth quarter are anticipated to grow 21% on sales of $38.441 billion.

Since reporting third quarter results, shares have rallied roughly 11%. Still, investor reaction to Alphabet earnings wasn’t initially well received as the stock fell 2.20%. And the immediate response from investors over the preceding three quarters saw varied price swings of 9.62%, -7.52% and 0.92% despite shares gaining a solid 29% in 2019.

Unsure, what to think?

There’s more than just the numbers to consider when determining whether to hold Google stock through earnings too. Front and center, after a brief attempt at shaking off a fast-growing coronavirus this past week, sentiment on Wall Street has quickly turned toward a risk-off environment. It’s an important consideration.

Without over-complicating matters, the chance for a positive earnings reaction in Alphabet is reduced until macro conditions improve. Additionally, given an Alphabet price chart that’s showing a bit of difficult historical precedent, the downside risk in the stock appears to be a more compelling odds-on favorite in the near-term.

Looking At the Weekly Chart for Google Stock

Looking At the Weekly Chart for Google Stock
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Google stock has enjoyed a nice rally. But that rally may be its downfall … at least in the short-term. As the provided detailed weekly chart illustrates, shares have shown a knack for moving into larger price corrections following challenges of well-watched century levels. Initial and even second tests of $1,000, $1,200 and $1,300 have resulted in larger backing and filling patterns.

Furthermore, Google’s recent challenge of all-time-highs at $1,500 coincides with a conservative measured move of $200 out of the stock’s mid-2018 to mid-2019 corrective base. What’s more, as of last week shares have confirmed a weekly chart candlestick topping pattern out of an overbought position based on the stock’s Bollinger Band and stochastics indicators. There’s strong evidence would-be Alphabet buyers are better off waiting for lower prices as part of a likely deeper correction.

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