3 Penny Stocks Primed to Create a New Wave of Millionaires


  • These undervalued penny stocks seem primed for explosive gains in 2024 and beyond.
  • LuxUrban Hotels (LUXH): Asset-light business model delivers impressive growth and expanding profitability, even amid lawsuits.
  • Data Storage Corp (DTST): Pure-play edge data center provider capitalizing on surging AI data demands.
  • Arq Inc (ARQ): Has impressive turnaround potential as growing pollution controls spark demand recovery.
penny stocks - 3 Penny Stocks Primed to Create a New Wave of Millionaires

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Penny stocks often get a bad rap, and that makes sense. There are plenty of scams and examples of less-than-exemplary behavior in many of these names. However, it’s also true that picking winners can be very lucrative. Indeed, finding low-priced stocks with explosive upside potential can provide life-changing returns. I believe now is the perfect time to start building positions in a few carefully-selected penny stocks, before their share prices take off.

Wall Street has largely ignored penny stocks over the past couple of years, due to big tech’s dizzying gains. But with the valuations of many of these companies now in overstretched territory, I think smart money will soon start flowing back into overlooked small-caps trading at deep discounts. When this happens, savvy investors who get in early stand to win.

Of course, penny stocks do carry elevated risks. They tend to be highly volatile and vulnerable to dilutive financing events. Appropriate position sizing and strict risk management discipline are musts. But the rewards can be tremendous for traders willing to stomach the rollercoaster ride. Let’s take a look at three top penny stocks!

LuxUrban Hotels (LUXH)

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LuxUrban Hotels (NASDAQ:LUXH) is transforming the industry with its asset-light business model centered on long-term leases of entire hotel properties. With a growing portfolio of leased hotels in major travel destinations, LuxUrban is firing on all cylinders. The company’s revenue has surged 170% year-over-year to $31.2 million as of Q3 2023, with profits nearing $5 million.

However, the company has hit some speed bumps in recent months that have put meaningful pressure on LUXH stock. Shares are down over 60% from their highs due to a revenue miss in Q3. And, more concerning, a class action lawsuit alleging the company misled investors about a hotel lease deal provides many investors with pause. According to the lawsuit filed by law firm Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LuxUrban falsely claimed to have signed a lease on New York’s Royalton Hotel and overstated its total units as a result. The suit also alleges the company failed to disclose unpaid rent on multiple properties.

There’s no doubt these allegations are troubling. Investor trust is hard to regain once lost. However, I don’t believe the core investment case for LuxUrban is fully broken. A 4% revenue miss in Q3 is disappointing but hardly catastrophic when you consider 170% top-line growth. Analysts see triple-digit sales growth continuing this year and next. And at just 0.8-times 2023 expected sales, I believe much of the company’s legal overhang is priced in. Significant upside remains if LuxUrban can settle these suits without material damage. The stock trades just 0.2-times 2025 estimated sales, making this a penny stock with a reasonable valuation to buy right now.

Data Storage Corp (DTST)

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For investors seeking multi-bagger returns from the AI revolution, Data Storage Corp (NASDAQ:DTST) has been one of the top winners to watch. This overlooked data center operator provides infrastructure solutions that meet AI companies’ exploding data storage needs. As OpenAI’s new Sora text-to-video AI amply demonstrates, natural language AI requires massive datasets to function. Generative AI is incredibly data-hungry as well, and Data Storage stands ready to feed this beast.

After rocketing 126% over the past year, DTST stock has cooled off a little, giving us a solid buying opportunity. Shares still trade at a premium to historical levels, reflecting Wall Street’s recognition of Data Storage’s long-term growth prospects.

Demand for data infrastructure is only likely to accelerate further. The company’s growth runway is significant, if management plays its cards right. And nimble small caps like Data Storage can pivot faster than legacy data center giants to capture emerging opportunities. With room for geographic and product line expansion, Data Storage has barely scratched the surface of its potential, in my view. DTST stock remains a solid buy.

Arq Inc. (ARQ)

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Rounding out my penny stock shopping list is Arq Inc. (NASDAQ:ARQ), an under-the-radar cleantech company. Arq develops innovative solutions for removing harmful air, water, and land pollutants. As North America’s only vertically-integrated producer of activated carbon, the company provides a reliable domestic supply of scarce, high-demand purification products.

Like many cleantech firms, Arq has struggled in recent years, with its stock price cratering more than 70% over the last five years. But green technology stocks look poised for a major comeback as political and economic winds shift. With Biden’s renewed climate push, surging energy prices, and booming domestic manufacturing, the stage is set for a breakout in ARQ stock. The stock has already delivered 150% gains off its June lows, but much upside remains from current levels.

Analysts see Arq reaching profitability in 2025, with triple-digit earnings growth after that. If 2027 profit forecasts of 90 cents per share are realized, shares will trade at a forward price-earnings ratio of just 4-times, assuming ARQ stock trades at the same level. Indeed, this is a penny stock that will remain a speculative bet, until management can deliver on its restructuring promises. But America’s environmental conscience is awakening, and innovative firms enabling a cleaner future will be rewarded. I’m bullish on Arq as a long-term value/growth play.

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