Asset Tokenization

Occasionally, the financial markets are rocked by fundamental changes in the investing landscape. We believe the tokenization of assets is one such monumental change. Through asset tokenization, investors can buy pieces of a Picasso. They can invest in their favorite sports teams, or short the teams they don’t like. They can invest in royalities for music companies, and so much more. As companies begin to utilize the blockchain to tokenize their assets, we believe this area will take off like a rocket. Read on to learn how to find and invest in the strange world of tokenized assets.

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3 Reasons for Investors to Consider Tokenized Assets

Think about how you are able to make peer-to-peer payments today. It’s so easy to send your friend $20 for lunch via email payment. Well, now imagine if you could send $100 to the Toronto Maple Leafs via email to buy a small piece of the hockey club. With the tokenization of assets, that can be a reality. 

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