Fintech Stocks

2 Tech Stock Winners Poised for the Pandemic — and Beyond

Many of us have formed habits during this pandemic that won’t just disappear. We learned a new mode of life that we will not entirely abandon. On the contrary, we’ll continue taking advantage of COVID-era conveniences.

Old Habits Die Hard, but New Habits Grow Exponentially

Whether or not you think the death of cash is nigh, it's worth keeping your eye on the disruptive forces in fintech.

Here’s Why Square’s Outlook Looks So Bright for 2020

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After Bank Earnings, Is It Time to Buy?

Banking is gambling, and the big banks are the biggest winners because they're tightly regulated. But can they compete against fintech?

Fintech Streamlines Socially Responsible Impact Investing Via Robo-Advisors

Fintech is making investing easy and personal. Socially responsible investing, with a digital robo-advisor gives you the chance to change the world while you make money.

4 Fintech Stocks for Your Summer Shopping List

Tech stocks have shaken off their early slump and are back in fashion. Financial software and payment plays are leading the pack. Here are four fintech stocks you need to have on your watchlist.

How Bitcoin Is Like Donald Trump

Bitcoin is the sizzle in blockchain. The steak is in automating transactions of all kinds without any human intervention needed.