5G Stocks: The Single Greatest Investment for the New Tech Revolution

I’ve recently been writing about how 5G offers a rare opportunity to create unprecedented wealth.

5g stocks

We’ve seen how 5G is what we call a “keystone” technology — one so critical that it drives all other technologies.

We’ve talked about how it will enable the next Industrial Revolution, only the fourth in history. And we’ve seen the massive fortunes made in the first three … and how even bigger fortunes are possible from this next great breakthrough technology.

Here’s why it’s such a big deal:

5G will allow for up to 1,000 times more data to flow through it at any given time — and at MUCH FASTER speeds — than 4G.

Let me put that into mind-blowing perspective for you.

Imagine that the amount of data able to flow through the current 4G infrastructure is represented by an ordinary garden hose. Remember, this is the technology we’re currently using — the one that allows us to surf Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), make instant purchases on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), and stream movies on Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX).

If the amount of data 4G can handle was represented by a garden hose, then 5G would be bigger than the widest tunnel in the history of the world — the monstrous 76-foot-wide Yerba Buena Island Tunnel in San Francisco … and there’d be 7 feet left to spare!


That’s absolutely incredible, isn’t it?

It’s an insane amount a data — and a revolutionary leap in technology.

That’s why the prestigious industry research giant Strategy Analytics calls 5G “a transformative event for society … the implications are profound.”

And TechRadar says, “5G will be far more life-changing than you think.”

In short, THIS is the technology that we’ve been waiting for … the one at the center of the next generation of mind-blowing advances.

Like every keystone technology that came before it, 5G will be the rocket fuel that launches us into the future as it unlocks countless new technologies and ushers in the next great industrial revolution.

It’s the keystone technology that will finally enable the big breakthroughs on the cusp of becoming a reality. The Internet of Things (IoT)… artificial intelligence … driverless cars … and virtual and augmented reality will realize their full potential.

Take, for instance, the Internet of Things, which is already estimated to be worth $19 trillion.

This is the breakthrough technology that enables physical devices to “talk” to each other and operate with increased efficiency … making everything from smart cars to smart appliances to entire smart cities and grids possible.

Basically, if it’s electric, the IoT will make it smarter, faster, and/or more efficient.

Which is why NBC News said “the Internet of Things will change everything.”

Now, thanks to the advent of 5G technology, companies are going to spend a massive $5 TRILLION on the Internet of Things in the next few years. In the coming months, the IoT will explode into mass adoption. Our daily lives will be forever changed.

Cities will soon monitor the structural health of every building, bridge, water main, and road, preventing major breakdowns in infrastructure. Knowing in real time how structurally safe an overpass is or that a gas line is leaking not only saves a ton of money but lives, too.

Cars will talk directly to the roads and each other.

Power grids will direct electricity only to where it’s needed, allowing for massive savings on the city and consumer levels.

San Diego, for example, estimates that it should save taxpayers $1.9 million a year by simply installing “smart” streetlights. Cities like Barcelona, New York, Miami, Copenhagen, and many others are all heavily investing in building the smart cities of the future.

But the benefits will also be felt way outside the city limits, too.

Farmers will be able to monitor natural conditions like humidity, air temperature, and soil quality in real time, which will allow for better water usage and pinpoint the best time to harvest crops for the highest yield, leading to less waste and more profit.

It will help prevent the deaths of 420,000 people who die every year due to foodborne illnesses. IBM’s Internet of Things platform is allowing for more transparency across the entire supply chain, leading to an unprecedented awareness of food quality and safety.

5G partnered with the IoT will make every industry more efficient … and stop epidemics in their tracks.

It’s Here

5G isn’t a technology that may or may not happen.

It’s happening right now in front of our very eyes, and it’s going to create an unprecedented amount of wealth. For early investors, it presents the kind of wealth-building opportunity that could turn a modest one-time investment into an absolute fortune over time.

The world’s billionaire investors like Bill Gates and Ray Dalio are beginning to invest millions of dollars in 5G. Companies like Facebook, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL), and Amazon are also secretly making massive investments in the new technology.

We may never get another chance like this … to get in at the very start of a massive “keystone-level” technological shift. It’s the kind of moneymaking opportunity that could turn a tiny initial stake into a fortune that could last for decades.

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