Facebook Messenger No Longer Requires a FB Account

Using Facebook Messenger will no longer require having a Facebook account. All users need is their name and phone number to access it. More 

Dow Jones Loses 18K as Greek Debt Default Looms

Stocks moved lower Wednesday as dreams of an easy resolution to the Greek debt standoff came crashing back to reality. More 

Instagram Search Update Surfaces Real-Time News and Trends

Instagram search has been updated to include real-time photos and trends to make keeping up with news on the service easier. More 

Why You Should Swap FB Stock With Long Calls

Facebook stock is flying high this week. Here's a powerful strategy for shareholders to harvest their FB stock gains. More 

Wednesday’s Vital Data: Apple Inc. (AAPL), Facebook Inc (FB) and AT&T Inc. (T)

Analysts heap more praise on Facebook (FB) and AT&T (T), while Apple (AAPL) settles up with Taylor Swift. More 

Largest Companies by Market Cap 2015: Facebook Topples Walmart

Facebook has passed Walmart on the list of largest companies by market cap after its stock increased 30% over the last year. More 

Facebook to Take on Google and YouTube Video Biz

Google and YouTube are video ad giants, but Facebook is hoping to build up content (and ad sales) to rival GOOG soon. More 

Tuesday’s Vital Data: Facebook Inc (FB), Williams Companies Inc (WMB) and Ambarella Inc (AMBA)

Facebook (FB), Williams Companies (WMB) and Ambarella (AMBA) are home to some of the market's hottest options right now. Here's why. More 

Analyst: Facebook Stock Has 45% Upside (FB)

The Facebook (FB) stock price has a 45% rally ahead of it, according to one analyst. And the virtual reality platform, Oculus Rift, is the catalyst. More 

Facebook News: FB News Feed Gets ‘See First’ Option

A new Facebook News Feed feature would allow users to set their friends' content as something they would like to see first. More