Facebook News: FB to Test Self-Destructing Posts

Facebook is testing a new feature in New Zealand that allows users to set posts to self-destruct after a certain amount of time. More 

Minecraft – Not MSFT Rocket Fuel, But a Smart Deal Nonetheless

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is trying to further entrench the software giant as a gaming powerhouse with his purchase of Minecraft maker Mojang. More 

FB News: Top 10 Books Facebook Users Love

Facebook has compiled a list of the top 20 books its users love to read and 'InvestorPlace' is looking at the top 10 books from that list. More 

Buds for Buds: Anheuser-Busch to Test Beer E-Gifts on Facebook

Anheuser-Busch is testing a new feature in Denver and Chicago that allows friends to send each other e-gifts for real beer via Facebook. More 

10 Hot New Gadgets From IFA 2014

At IFA 2014, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola and others took the wraps off selfie phones, smartwatches, tablets, TVs and more new gadgets. More 

New Feature Could Make Twitter (TWTR) an Overnight E-Commerce Powerhouse

For years, Twitter's revenue stream has come almost explicitly from advertising. Not anymore. Welcome to TWTR 2.0. More 

Facebook News: FB Adds New Video Features

Facebook is adding new video features similar to ones found on Google's YouTube on news that it sees 1 billion video views a day. More 

FB News: How the New Facebook Privacy Checkup Works

Facebook (FB) is expanding its "Privacy Checkup" to all users. The feature allows you to change your privacy settings in a quick manner. More 

Facebook News: FB Suffers Second Outage in a Month

Facebook experienced an outage on Wednesday afternoon that left many unable to use the social media website for a short period of time. More 

Facebook Autoplay Blamed for Maxing Out Mobile Data

Facebook Autoplay may be causing mobile users to suffer from higher data usage and bills since the feature was rolled out. More