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The Bull Market in Roku is Over — For Now

You might love your Roku device, but don’t get played buying into a technically risky ROKU stock

You may cherish your Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) device to meet your entertainment needs. But unless you want to get played by shares on the price chart, now is not the time to purchase ROKU stock. Let me explain.

The Bull Market in Roku is Over — For Now
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I love my Roku streaming stick. I cut the cable cord with my first Roku device more than six years ago and have never looked back. Now, and with more and more people making the same switch, the future continues to look very good for ROKU.

Roku’s hardware is the overwhelming platform of choice when watching streaming content from Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) Hulu and the soon-to-launch Disney+, Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime and AT&T’s (NYSE:T) HBO Now. And that’s great news.

Still, that doesn’t mean there are threats that Roku stock can completely ignore.

Front and center, there’s always the possibility of competition for the Roku stock price. Others like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have and will continue to try and muscle in on Roku’s action. Speaking of which, the tech giant is fighting back once again with the introduction of Apple TV+ and a slew of less-expensive, high-quality original programming for consumers.

There’s also the market itself to be cautious of when it comes to investing in ROKU.

A bit more than a month into a confirmed rally, the S&P 500 has clawed its way back up to an all-time-high this past week as the market moves into the second half of a seasonally difficult September and ever closer to the notorious calendar month of October. And that could have seriously implications for a growth name like Roku stock and its price chart, which is already looking technically suspect for today’s buyers.

Roku Stock’s Weekly Chart

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If ever there was a mover and shaker on the price chart, ROKU would undoubtedly be in the running for top honors. That said, volatility is a two-way street. And while just a short time ago shares of Roku could have been played profitably for upside momentum, today is a very different story and the odds are stacked against bullish investors.

As the weekly chart shows, Roku shares have established a confirmed bearish engulfing candlestick. Coupled with an incredible market-leading rally off its August bottom, a stratospheric 2019 for shareholders, an overbought and bearish stochastics crossover and technical support well below today’s ROKU stock price, bullish investors need to wait before buying.

Given the potentially treacherous near-term environment for ROKU, my suggestion is to watch for a leg down into or between the first couple support zones from roughly $127-$130 and $116-$119 for bottoming. A challenge of those key price areas on the Roku stock chart offers investors an opportunity to buy into a great name after a minimum, but much-needed correction of at least 25%.

I’d also recommend that instead of simply trying to catch a falling knife into a support zone, investors should wait for the weekly stochastics to support the potential for a bottom. Lastly, locating a reversal pattern — not unlike those formed in December, April and early August — makes a good deal of sense before buying Roku stock.

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