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7 Top Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2024


  • CrowdStrike (CRWD): With a 37% YoY sales surge and an impressive $2.93 billion annual recurring revenue, CrowdStrike showcases undeniable prowess in cybersecurity.
  • Okta (OKTA): Even after facing setbacks, Okta demonstrated a robust 23% YoY revenue growth and trimmed its GAAP net loss significantly.
  • Check Point (CHKP): With gross margins exceeding 88% and its P/E ratio enticingly 20% below the sector median, CHKP is an interesting bet in the cybersecurity space.
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top cybersecurity stocks - 7 Top Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2024

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In today’s digital age, the world leans heavily on the internet making buying the top cybersecurity stocks critical. However, these digital advancements have opened the doors for cybercrime. As we marvel at the perks of the online realm, sophisticated hackers, armed with cutting-edge tools, are consistently devising strategies to breach defenses and take away heaps of valuable data.

Cyberattacks aren’t rare occurrences anymore, and a single misstep in security might spell doom for businesses, big and small. With threats escalating, enterprises are pouring billions into robust cybersecurity measures.

Reflecting this urgency, the global cybersecurity market size should soar from $172.32 billion in 2023 to an impressive $424.97 billion by 2030, growing at a robust CAGR of 13.8%. With that said, here are seven of the top cybersecurity stocks worth keeping tabs on for 2024.

CrowdStrike (CRWD)

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CrowdStrike (NASDAQ:CRWD) is a titan in the cybersecurity realm, diligently safeguarding critical cloud workloads and data.

It now operates as a profitable enterprise, coupled with robust financials, while painting a remarkably attractive picture for its investors.

For the second quarter of fiscal 2024, the numbers speak volumes, with a whopping 37% surge in year-over-year sales and annual recurring revenue clocking in at a robust $2.93 billion.

Impressively, this cybersecurity behemoth reported a GAAP net income of $8.5 million, and if it can keep expanding those profit margins, its stock is likely to soar again.

Investors have relished a remarkable 70% year-to-date spike in CRWD stock this year, with even stronger gains on the horizon. As cyber threats loom larger, a tempting $76 billion market still up for grabs, the future looks exceptionally bright for CrowdStrike.

Okta (OKTA)

Cybersecurity Stocks To Buy: Okta (OKTA)
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Budding cybersecurity player Okta (NASDAQ:OKTA) recently found itself in turbulent waters. The company faced an unprecedented challenge of late, with hackers infiltrating its databases.

Such a breach is likely to make headlines for any firm, but for a cybersecurity stalwart such as Okta, the spotlight burns even brighter. Following this setback, investors expressed their concerns, pushing shares down by a sharp 20% in just one week.

However, despite the recent challenges, Okta showcased commendable financial resilience. Its second quarter report showed a 23% year-over-year bump in revenue growth. Its progress in fiscal management remains clear, with a GAAP net loss of $111 million, a substantial improvement from the previous year’s $210 million.

In the dynamic cybersecurity realm, bumps in the road are inevitable. Moreover, for savvy investors, this temporary dip presents an interesting opportunity. As history has shown, betting on resilience during moments of doubt can yield significant long-term dividends.

Check Point (CHKP)

Cybersecurity Stocks To Buy: Check Point Software (CHKP)
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Israel’s Check Point (NASDAQ:CHKP) stands out as one of top cybersecurity stocks to buy as it’s among the trailblazers in the space.

With a focus on comprehensive protection, its strategic acquisition of Perimeter 81 for a whopping $490 million underlines its dedication to defending both cloud-based and on-premise digital fortresses while significantly expanding its market share.

The company’s growth trajectory is remarkably impressive, with its second quarter figures reflecting a surge in subscription sales, propelled by powerhouses including CloudGuard, ThreatCloud AI, and Harmony E-mail.

An 11% year-over-year bump and an upbeat forecast from its management hint at brighter horizons ahead. With its gross margins north of 88% and a free cash flow margin of 31%, its execution is impeccable.

With a forward price-to-earnings ratio sitting 20% below the sector’s median, its value proposition is tough to overlook. In cementing its pro-shareholder stance, the firm recently repurchased a hefty 2.6 million shares, infusing a staggering $325 million back into the business.

SentinelOne (S)

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SentinelOne (NYSE:S) claims its position at the forefront in the ever-changing realm of endpoint security, effectively merging the power of cybersecurity and AI.

Its Singularity platform, underpinned by AI, showcases the future of digital defense. Furthermore, the company has ventured into generative AI, introducing the Purple AI chatbot. This tool empowers security managers to pinpoint vulnerabilities, streamline threat detection, and gain rapid insights.

Recent financial figures from SentinelOne further illuminate its upward trajectory. An impressive second quarter Non-GAAP EPS of a negative eight cents surpassed expectations by six cents. Revenue soared to $149.42 million, marking a 45.8% year-over-year increase.

The company’s annualized recurring revenue spiked by 47%, reaching an amazing $612.2 million as of July. Substantial growth in its customer base, elevated gross margins, and a fortified cash position of $1.1 billion echo the company’s dynamism.

Blending innovation with financial prowess, SentinelOne is effectively meeting the challenges of today’s cybersecurity landscape, which is why it’s one of the top cybersecurity stocks out there.

Zscaler (ZS)

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Over the past decade, Zscaler (NASDAQ:ZS) has remained at the cutting edge of enterprise security, outperforming traditional heavyweights, including cloud access security brokers and secure web gateways.

Its prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed either, translating into colossal customer growth catering to over 40% of Fortune 500 companies. The Zscaler Internet Access platform stands tall as the cornerstone of this growth, and introducing products like Zscaler Private Access showcases its commitment to innovation.

Eyeing the replacement of legacy VPN firewalls with its technology, the company expects riding a growth wave for the foreseeable future. Echoing this optimism, TipRanks analysts tout Zscaler as a top-tier cybersecurity stock, forecasting a 19% rise from its current price.

Furthermore, its recent fourth quarter financial report further accentuates its market dominance with its Non-GAAP EPS of 64 cents surpassing market expectations, with sales touching $455 million, marking a robust 43.1% year-over-year jump.

It ended the quarter with a colossal cash reservoir of $2.1 billion, underscoring the company’s financial health. Hence, for those eyeing the future of cybersecurity, Zscaler is one of the top cybersecurity stocks ti buy with an interesting narrative.

Arista Networks (ANET)

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Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET) stands out as a beacon, marrying powerful cloud computing capabilities with top-tier cyber defenses.

Amid a landscape where valuation and revenue growth are imperative, Arista achieves a commendable balance, reflected in its recent financial accolades.

Beyond bolstering workplace efficiency, the firm has also made strides in the realm of data protection, integrating AI to offer clients more sophisticated security tools. One such innovation is Zero Trust Security, a paradigm shift that emphasizes situational awareness, rigorous enforcement, and continuous monitoring.

This framework, infused with AI, supercharges its ability to detect, monitor, and guard against threats.

The recent numbers tell a tale of success, with its second quarter witnessing a 29.1% year-over-year revenue boost to $1.51 billion and an impressive 54% spike in net income to GAAP net income of $545.3 million.

Coupled with profit margins that comfortably cross the 30% threshold, it’s evident that Arista is on a trajectory that promises healthier valuations.

Palo Alto Networks (PANW)

Palo Alto Networks (PANW) logo on corporate building
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Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ:PANW) is not just in the cybersecurity game; it’s shaping its very landscape. With a suite of robust tools ranging from firewalls to threat prevention, it’s setting new standards in digital protection.

What sets Palo Alto apart is its ability to dig deeper with its advanced firewalls, meticulously inspecting traffic content and identifying core applications in play.

This pivotal shift in strategy lets them enforce security based on applications, a move far more effective than traditional methods.

Investors have taken note. PANW’s stock surged an impressive 71% since the year’s onset, though 2023 hasn’t been without its challenges. It continues to grow at a vigorous pace, with year-over-year revenue growth at a healthy 25.3%, more than 211% higher than the sector median.

Its EBITDA growth over the same time horizon is at 1,779%, dwarfing the sector median at 7.52%. Add to that a consensus “strong-buy” rating from analysts and a potential 18% upside, and the future for PANW appears secure.

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