Tomorrow’s Titans: 7 Stocks to Own for a Decade of Unstoppable Gains


  • Mitek Systems (MITK): Experiences robust growth based on strategic customer acquisition and partnerships with industry leaders.
  • DecisionPoint (DPSI): Shifts focus towards high-margin services and software, attaining record top-line and gross margin.
  • PagerDuty (PD): Reports growth in annual recurring revenue and high-value customer relationships.
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Stocks to Own for a Decade - Tomorrow’s Titans: 7 Stocks to Own for a Decade of Unstoppable Gains

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Savvy investors traverse the complex financial markets to find the Holy Grail or stocks they should hold for ten years. Because the stories of these businesses contain the blueprints for prosperity, the trip is just as important as the goal in this search. From the fast-paced labyrinth of technological advancement to the solid corridors of financial might, the exploration reveals a kaleidoscope of seven equities.

The first of them is a behemoth in the field of digital identification. The company is growing at an unprecedented rate thanks to its strategic relationships and unwavering pursuit of excellence. The latter is a prime example of flexibility since it manages changing market conditions while strategically focusing on high-margin products. The third one is a ray of stability in these stormy times with its consistent annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth and persistent dedication to client connections.

Fast-forward to financial technology; the seventh shows how effective financial management can be in boosting profitability and strengthening a company’s financial base. Learn how these stocks represent the fundamental fortitude required for long-term leadership.

Mitek (MITK)

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Mitek’s (NASDAQ:MITK) identification products grew strongly, with sales rising 17% year-over-year (YOY) in 2023. This growth indicates the great demand for the company’s identification solutions. It was fueled by smart client acquisition initiatives as well as expansion within the current client base. 

Notably, major companies, including Lloyds (NYSE:LYG), Chase (NYSE:JPM), NatWest (NYSE:NWG), and Telefónica (NYSE:TEF), were among the major wins the company attained. These victories highlight Mitek’s capacity to draw in and keep prestigious clients, enhancing its standing as a pioneer in the field of digital identification.

Moreover, the alliances Mitek has formed, especially with businesses like Experian (OTCQX:EXPGF), have helped drive a 17% YoY increase in business in all areas. Through these strategic agreements, the company may penetrate new markets, use complementary technology, and enter new verticals, contributing to revenue growth.

Finally, there are partnerships with industry heavyweights like NICE Actimize (NASDAQ:NICE) and Equifax (NYSE:EFX). Mitek hopes to take a firm hold in new markets and verticals, including healthcare, telecom, and government. Therefore, these alliances expanded Mitek’s reach and top line into developing economies.

DecisionPoint (DPSI)

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DecisionPoint’s (NYSEMKT:DPSI) revenue increased by 5% YOY in Q3 2023. This expansion was primarily driven by the company’s concentration on a strategic mix shift towards services and software.

DecisionPoint made a major shift in strategy toward software and services, which accounted for a record 45% of revenue in Q3. This change helped achieve a record gross margin of close to 28%. DecisionPoint sought to improve its profitability and create a more stable income stream. Thus, the company focuses on increasing the percentage of high-margin services and software in its revenue mix.

Finally, the company’s emphasis on a shift in the top-line mix shows how flexible it is to capture shifts in demand and market conditions. DecisionPoint boosts its competitive edge and increases its financial position by leveraging high-margin areas.

Overall, the company’s goal of promoting growth and margin expansion aligns with this strategic strategy, which sets it up for lead.

Pagerduty (PD)

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Growing ARR for PagerDuty (NYSE:PD) represents the company’s capacity to produce steady, recurring revenue streams. This supports the company’s long-term growth prospects. During Q4 fiscal 2024, the company’s ARR increased by 10%. Furthermore, as of January 2024, PagerDuty delivered a dollar-based net retention rate of 107%, down from 120% YOY.

In addition, revenue for 2024 was $430.7 million, a substantial 16.2% increase from the previous year. Thus, its consistent revenue growth shows PagerDuty’s market traction and successful go-to-market methods.

Furthermore, as of Jan. 31, 2024, PagerDuty reported 804 customers with ARRs above $100K. Meanwhile, there are 58 customers with ARRs exceeding $1 million. These YOY gains suggest that high-value client relationships and ARR continue to expand. Moreover, PagerDuty may lessen revenue volatility, increase revenue predictability, and strengthen overall financial stability by increasing its recurring income sources. 

Overall, PagerDuty’s income diversity and resilience against market changes are enhanced by an expanding pool of high-value clients with large annual revenue.

Unisys (UIS)

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Total Contract Value (TCV) and backlog for Unisys (NYSE:UIS) increased considerably over the given period, demonstrating the company’s ability to win new business and fill its pipeline. Similarly, contract signings and backlog growth patterns shed light on the business’s sales lead and potential earnings.

Additionally, Ex-License and Support TCV are up considerably by 27% YOY for the year, and there is a whopping 137% YOY in Q4 2023. The increase in TCV shows the robust demand for Unisys’ products and reflects the success of the company’s marketing and sales initiatives. Moreover, the company’s success in drawing in new customers and growing its clientele is demonstrated by the development of New Business TCV, which increased by 18% YOY for the year and 84% YOY in Q4.

Lastly, the backlog has grown considerably, ending 2023 at $3 billion as opposed to $2.4 billion in Q3 2023 and $2.9 billion in 2022. This increase in backlog gives Unisys insight into its prospective revenue over the upcoming period and is evidence of its ability to secure income streams. In addition to improving revenue predictability, a healthy backlog is a crucial sign of corporate momentum and consumer interest in Unisys’ offerings.

Block (SQ)

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Block’s (NYSE:SQ) gross profit is a crucial indicator of its capacity to generate income. In 2023, Block’s gross profit was $7.5 billion, a considerable rise of 25% YOY. This increase in gross profit shows how well Block’s business strategy works and how well it can produce income from various product categories.

Moreover, the constant growth in gross profit suggests Block’s fundamental capability to advance and adapt to changing market dynamics. This enables Block to stay ahead of competitors and maintain its lead in fintech. Block targets to achieve its Rule of 40 targets by 2026, indicating a balanced approach between revenue growth and profitability.

In addition, Block recorded its largest-ever adjusted operating income of $351 million in 2023 after suffering a $145 million loss the year before. This encouraging shift from a loss to a sizable operating income demonstrates that Block can push for improvements in operations and turn a lasting profit. 

Overall, the correlation between adjusted EBITDA and gross profit margin is significant, as Block recorded its highest-ever gross profit margin of 24%. Therefore, this suggests that Block’s efforts to improve operational efficiency have successfully raised profitability while preserving solid margins.

Agora (API)

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As of Dec. 31, 2023, Agora (NASDAQ:API) had acquired 1,683 active customers, up 18.4% YOY. This indicates that Agora has had robust client acquisition. This increase shows Agora’s rising market reach and the increasing demand for real-time interaction technology solutions.

Similarly, Shengwang’s active consumers increased to 4,144 as of Dec. 31, 2023, growing at 11.8% YOY. This rise is evident in Shengwang’s effective market penetration tactics and client acquisition efforts.

With a dollar-based net retention rate of 93% for the most recent 12-month period ending Dec. 31, 2023, Agora has demonstrated its capacity to grow and hold onto its clientele. Similarly, Shengwang, when sales from closed enterprises were taken out, had an impressive retention percentage of 82% during that time.

Lastly, Agora has a proactive strategy for seizing market opportunities. For instance, taking advantage of Twilio’s (NYSE:TWLO) withdrawal from the video calling space. Hence, this demonstrates its capacity to use market dynamics to strengthen its competitive edge and increase its market share.

SurgePays (SURG)

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For 2023, SurgePays‘ (NASDAQ:SURG) gross profit margin increased considerably to 26%. Although precise comparable data was not given, this development shows improved productivity in controlling manufacturing costs and maximizing income creation. The increase in gross profit margin indicates SurgePays’ capacity to produce greater profits from its sources of revenue while keeping costs under control.

In 2023, SurgePays’ gross profit increased considerably to $35.6 million, a 165% improvement over the prior unidentified numbers. In addition, Q4 gross profit climbed by 11% to $7.4 million compared to the same period last year. The increase in gross profit highlights SurgePays’ capacity to increase profitability by implementing efficient cost control and revenue optimization techniques.

Finally, the company completed a secondary offering in January. SurgePays raised $15 million in equity, bolstering its balance sheet and improving its financial flexibility. In addition to strengthening SurgePays’ cash reserves, this stock issue offered extra funding for the company’s planned development and expansion.

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