3 Steady Stocks Predicted to Double in Value by 2026


  • These companies are poised for substantial growth, capitalizing on market demand, streaming service expansion, and tech advancements.
  • Beazer Homes (BZH): The firm is experiencing a surge in net new orders, signaling effective sales strategies.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD): The entertainment giant achieved solid performance, focusing on debt reduction and driving growth in its DTC segment.
  • Verizon (VZ): The telecom leader demonstrated consistent top-line growth in wireless services and broadband subscribers, leveraging AI.
Stocks Predicted to Double - 3 Steady Stocks Predicted to Double in Value by 2026

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In the constantly shifting stock market, some chances stand out as signs of future success. Three stocks provide exceptional chances for vital value growth.

The first company has significantly increased net new orders, demonstrating its sales tactics and market positioning efficacy. The second one represents resilience and innovation in the entertainment sector. With that, it emphasizes financial fortification and the growth of its direct-to-consumer (DTC) segment.

In the meantime, the third company’s steady revenue growth is from internet subscribers and cellular services. Along with its well-thought-out investments in AI and network infrastructure, the company solidified its lead as the industry leader in telecom.

In short, each business has fundamental resilience, adaptability, and foresight, whether through the first one’s moat at navigating market dynamics, the second one’s focus on advancement and adaptation, or the third one’s lead in sharp technology.

These companies actively lead their growth trajectories by seizing new possibilities and strategically positioning themselves for expansion rather than passively following market trends.

Beazer Homes (BZH)

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Net new orders for Beazer Homes (NYSE:BZHjumped to 823, a boost of 70.7% (Q1 2024) over the same quarter last year. A 50.4% increase in sales pace to 2.0 orders per community every month, up from 1.3 in Q1 2023, which was the core growth driver. In addition, the average community count increased by 13.5% to 137 from 121 in the previous year.

Moreover, the vital increase in net new orders indicates Beazer Homes’ successful marketing and sales tactics. The increased community numbers and a faster sales rate demonstrate the company’s capacity to attract more customers and broaden its market reach. Hence, this strength indicates that Beazer Homes can capitalize on market demand and lay the groundwork for future expansion.

Lastly, the backlog’s units climbed by 2.9% to 1,791 dwellings, even if their cash worth decreased somewhat by 0.9% to $932.8 million. The average selling price (ASP) in the backlog decreased by 3.7% compared to last year’s quarter. Hence, the robust pipeline of homes awaiting construction and delivery reflects the rise in backlog units.

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD)

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Warner Bros. Discovery (NASDAQ:WBD) achieved net leverage of 3.9x in 2023 after generating $6.2 billion in free cash flow and paying down $5.4 billion in debt. This suggests a robust financial outcome. Since the transaction, the corporation has continuously prioritized debt reduction, paying down more than $12.4 billion. Warner Bros. Discovery improves its financial flexibility by lowering debt and producing free cash flow.

Additionally, by the conclusion of Q4, there were 97.7 million global DTC customers, indicating the segment’s promising expansion. DTC subscribers rose by 0.5 million by the end of Q4, showing organic growth strength, excluding some acquisitions. Similarly, DTC ARPU increased 7% from the previous quarter to $7.94, excluding foreign exchange, indicating successful monetization tactics.

Finally, Warner Bros. Discovery is dedicated to achieving profitable top-line growth for its Max streaming service. The business intends to increase Max’s global reach by entering Latin America and essential regions like Belgium and France. In summary, ad-supported offerings and strategic partnership partnerships aim to improve the streaming service’s revenue, segmentation, and growth.

Verizon (VZ)

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Verizon’s (NYSE:VZ) overall income from wireless services climbed by 3.3% annually in 2023. This expansion shows that Verizon, which makes up a sizable part of its company, can increase the revenue it makes from its cellular services. Thus, the steady revenue growth proves the business’s robust clientele and market position.

Moreover, Verizon added 389,000 new net broadband users, of which 53,000 were added via Fios Internet. Verizon Business also announced the addition of 151,000 fixed wireless net users. Verizon can satisfy the growing demand for high-speed internet services in both the home and corporate sectors, as reflected in the rise in broadband subscribers. Thus, Verizon has demonstrated its capacity to enter new areas and diversify its income sources by developing its fixed wireless services.

Lastly, Verizon is using AI technology to create AI-based income streams, improve product experiences, and streamline internal operations. Additionally, the business keeps spending money on improving and growing its network infrastructure, which includes extending C-band coverage. Therefore, network enhancements and integration of AI capabilities improve customer experiences, service offerings, and the operational edge.

As of this writing, Yiannis Zourmpanos held long positions in WBD and VZ. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace.com Publishing Guidelines.

Yiannis Zourmpanos is the founder of Yiazou Capital Research, a stock-market research platform designed to elevate the due diligence process through in-depth business analysis.

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