3 Stay-At-Home Stocks to Buy Now

stay-at-home stocks - 3 Stay-At-Home Stocks to Buy Now

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You may not like the market’s seemingly disrespectful and maybe callous behavior in light of today’s uncertainties and an increasingly hostile socioeconomic environment. But as an investor, it’s also smart business to appreciate what’s simply working. And right now, seeking shelter in the following three stay-at-home stocks rather than taking cover in cash makes sense.

The market is blind because it has no eyes. The market is deaf as it has no ears. But in a market made up of stocks, price action can speak volumes to investors who are paying attention. And in today’s heated America where the novel coronavirus remains lurking in the background and uprooted by polarized and sometimes violent protesting in the wake of the senseless death of George Floyd, that’s certainly been the case.

Major indices have continued their seemingly unstoppable climb towards their pre Covid-19 levels. For its part, the broad-based large-cap S&P 500 has gained nearly 43% since its March 23 low. That puts the market barometer within spitting distance of recovering all of its short-lived, but dizzying and destructive bear market losses.

What was once nearly unthinkable in the market just over two months ago, has for all intents and purposes been fully realized. And maybe more breathtaking or unbelievable, stock prices have risen even in the face of today’s latest awful and still unfolding problem to challenge America.

So, what’s next? Nobody knows for certain.

It is true though, as CNBC’s Jim Cramer recently outlined, the disruptive combination has given stay-at-home stocks a “major extension” as investors simply try to make money. And among that group are crowd favorites Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU), buying into this investing theme should include monitoring the price charts of these three constituents for timely purchases in the days and weeks ahead.

  • Peloton Interactive (NASDAQ:PTON)
  • Slack (NYSE:WORK)
  • Zoom Video (NASDAQ:ZM)

Stay-at-Home Stocks to Buy: (PTON)

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The first of our stay-at-home stocks to buy are shares of Peloton. The hotly contested, high-end indoor cycling platform has made all the right moves since the market bottomed. That includes shares establishing an all-time-low in front of the S&P 500’s own corrective bottom on March 23 and leading the indices higher. And despite having its share of bearish protesters and short interest of around 25%, Peloton has continued to look fit on the price chart.

The past couple weeks has seen shares work off a bit of overheated and consolidate its rally to all-time highs in a three week corrective pattern. At the end of the day, the price action is healthy. Now and with Peloton confirming the pattern’s hammer test which found support just above the prior highs, this stay-at-home stock is in position for a leg higher.

My recommendation today is to watch the weekly stochastics form a bullish crossover in conjunction with a breakout and buy shares of this stay-at-home stock on momentum.

Slack (WORK)

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The next of our stay-at-home stocks to put on the radar for purchase are shares of Slack. The cloud-based communications platform for businesses is more than just a popular e-mail service. Slack’s mission is to boost company productivity in an age of working remotely. Watch out Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL)! Okay, not yet. But Slack is a competitor.

Technically, Wall Street has taken notice. Slack’s shares have trended nicely higher since hitting all-time lows in March to form a lifetime corrective cup-shaped base. Shares are now situated near its pattern and all-time-high. But given the stock is also modestly overbought, I’d wait for a consolidation pattern of one to two weeks to emerge.

A breakout to new highs could happen with or without a pause in the action. And with a potential earnings catalyst this Thursday, that possibility is raised. However, given the stock’s potentially vulnerable position, the aftermath could yield a period of profit-taking too. Ultimately, watching from the sidelines and monitoring shares for a nearby purchase after the air is cleared off and on the price chart looks like a smart choice.

Zoom Video (ZM)

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Zoom Video is the last of today’s stay-at-home stocks on our radar. Unlike Peloton and Slack, which Wall Street allowed to get swept down alongside the broader averages in March, the video conferencing upstart has proven a bonafide smash hit from day one and even prior. Now, with earnings out and the company’s guidance crushing estimates, shares of Zoom are proving more popular than ever as the stock hits new all-time-highs.

On the price chart Wednesday’s enthusiastic reaction has compounded the likely need for a corrective pullback to work itself out in the near-term. There’s no guarantees of course, but this stay-at-home stock is overbought and well-extended past its recent ‘jagged cup’ breakout.

Bottom line, growth stocks like Zoom stage corrections all the time. Even in the most defiantly optimistic environments like that which we find ourselves in now, that’s an eternal truth in the market. As much and for the time being, while Zoom is great to use with friends and our worker bee peers, the snapshot of its price chart suggests good things will come to those who wait.

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