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Agriculture Stocks

agriculture stocks
Source: Hinrich via Wikimedia commons
Agriculture has been a staple in the world economy since the very first farm. Consequently, agricultural stocks have proved to be a stable, reliable choice for consistent growth and income. Constant advances in farming technology, more refined methods of crop cycling, and an increased demand for organic foods have put the agricultural industry in an economic position that is ripe for the picking.

Within agriculture are the markets of crops such as corn, wheat, and potatoes as well as livestock such as cows, sheep, and chickens. Because these are all finite resources, all of these commodities hold significant value. Some of the largest agricultural corporations include Monsanto (NYSE:MON), Mosaic (NYSE:MOS), and CF Industries (NYSE:CF).

Stock Sectors Related to Agriculture
Farm Products Sector Quote (CIX: MSECTOR341)

Dairy Products Sector Quote (CIX: MSECTOR344)

Farm & Construction Machinery Sector Quote (CIX: MSECTOR620)

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