Solar stocks

People have more reasons than ever to turn to solar energy. Aside from reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on their electricity bill, consumers can actually earn returns on their solar panels! With 72.2 gigawatt hours worth of solar energy generation (up from 891 gigawatt hours in 2009), mass adoption is right around the corner. Given the consumer trends and growing push for sustainable energy, solar stocks could be solid long-term investments. Some of best-performing solar companies include Vivint Solar (VSLR), Enphase Energy (ENPH), Solaredge Tech (SEDG) and Vivopower International (VVPR).

Breakout in Solar Stocks Is Just the Start of a Gold Rush

Solar stocks are breaking out of a year-long trend -- and forming a promising new uptrend. This implies they can rally another 50% into 2023.

The White House Just Kickstarted a ‘Gold Rush’ for Solar Stocks

There'll be no new tariffs on southeast Asian solar panels for at least the next two years. That’s a huge win for solar stocks.

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The Time to Buy Beaten-Down Solar Stocks Is Now

For the solar industry, perovskites, which are easily synthesized and manipulated materials, are key to solar stocks rising. And scientists have figured out how to use perovskites to mimic the semiconducting properties of silicon.

Solar Power Stocks: The 45% Plan Putting ISUN, ARRY, SPWR, FSLR Stocks in the Sun Today

Solar power stocks are on the move today with the Biden administration's new solar plan. The U.S. is aiming to be nearly half solar by 2050.

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A solar revolution has begun that will lead to the biggest change to the energy market in a century.

The Technology — and Opportunity — to Solve Power Outages

The way we make energy and the way we store it are transforming. In the coming years, expect more and more homes and buildings to be equipped with battery backup or solar.

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Solar Stocks: The Time Has Come as This Industry Heads Into Hypergrowth

As the Roaring 2020s move along, the upside potential in solar gives us one of the best opportunities in the investment world.