Precious Metals

Precious metals, most notably gold, silver, and platinum, have always held monumental value in economies, partly because of their grandiose glimmer and partly because of their practical use. These metals are usually seen as safe bets, as they keep their value and are limited in quantity. Today, these metals are traded as commodities, though many investors opt to invest in precious metal funds like Vanguard Precious Metals And Mining Fund Investor Shares (MUTF:VGPMX) and USAA Precious Metals and Minerals Fund (MUTF:USAGX) instead.

Recent Articles

Gold and Silver Report – NovaGold Resources Gains as Gold Prices Rise

Gold prices rose fractionally in Tuesday trading for the second consecutive session. NovaGold Resources added more than 2% during the day. More 

Gold and Silver Report: NEM Stock Sinks as Gold Prices Edge Higher

Gold prices gained 40 cents in Monday trading, the metal's first gain in three sessions. NEM stock fell harder than other miners, closing down almost 3%. More 

Gold and Silver Report: ABX, SSRI Sink as Gold Prices Retreat

Two positive reports on the U.S. economy sent gold and silver prices down Thursday. Miners also fell lower, but ABX and SSRI dropped harder than most. More 

Gold and Silver Report: AUY Surges as Gold Prices Top $1,300

Gold prices continue to straddle the $1,300 mark, finishing above them Wednesday. Meanwhile, miners mostly rose, and AUY was among the biggest winners. More 

Gold and Silver Report: EGO Stock Sinks as Gold Prices Fade

Gold prices moved fractionally lower in Tuesday trading on a lack of action in Ukraine. EGO stock declined more sharply than other miners. More 

Gold and Silver Report: NG Stock Surges, SSRI Drops as Gold Prices Gain

Gold prices rose for the first session in five days. NG stock climbed, while SSRI fell sharply again after Friday's weak first-quarter earnings report. More 

Gold and Silver Report: NG Stock, SSRI Plunge as Gold Prices Slip

Gold prices edged lower, ending the week down 1.2%. Among miners, NG stock and SSRI fell sharply in Friday trading. More 

Gold and Silver Report: Gold Dips, CDE Stock Slides

Gold prices slipped slightly in Thursday trading on diminished safe haven appeal. CDE stock sank after the silver miner missed quarterly revenue forecasts. More 

Gold and Silver Report: Gold Prices Fall, NovaGold and EGO Stock Drop

Gold prices fell sharply in Wednesday trading after Janet Yellen said the U.S. economy would improve. NovaGold and EGO stock tumbled during the day. More 

Gold and Silver Report: Gold Prices Slip, AEM Stock Gains

Gold prices edged lower on strong U.S. trade data. AEM stock rose after Raymond James boosted its price target for the mining company's shares. More