The Small Tech Company Set to Topple Big Electric Vehicle Companies

America is about to undergo an electric car revolution.

And Tesla could play no part in it.

Instead, this revolution will rely on a new “super” battery no bigger than the tip of your finger.

This small battery was developed by a tech company about 1/416th the size of General Motors.

Yet it could make it possible to charge an electric car in minutes. And you know what that means…

No more waiting at the pump.

No more dirty petroleum.

Just simple, cheap fuel every time you travel.

A technology like the “super” battery could put an electric car in every garage in America.

That’s why Wired magazine is hailing this new kind of device as the “Jesus Battery.”

And Business Insider has warned it could be “the death blow to lithium-ion batteries.”

However — if you are invested in Tesla — this new battery could be your worst nightmare. Once it hits the market, Tesla’s prized lithium-ion batteries could become obsolete.

Technology investing legend Matt McCall has issued a warning to readers: Don’t invest in Tesla.

McCall’s decades of experience as a Wall Street powerbroker has convinced him that the best way to profit from America’s electric vehicle boom is through the tiny tech stock producing the “super” battery.

Without this company, the electric vehicle industry will languish in the past.

And folks shouldn’t take McCall’s warning lightly.

He’s made a career on recommending emerging technologies, padding his track record with dozens of extraordinary tech picks, including:

  • for 2,772% gains.
  • AMD for 2,670% gains.
  • Amazon for 1,826% gains.

Today, Matt McCall believes that this small tech company is your best shot at seeing gains, especially considering this tech company could kick-start the $3 trillion-dollar electric car revolution.

In fact, he’s issued an urgent “Buy” alert on this small tech company.

You can get all of the details by clicking here…

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