3 REITs That Pay Monthly Dividends in Different Sectors

  • Explore the best REITs that provide investors with a regular income stream and potential for capital appreciation.
  • STAG Industrial (STAG): STAG owns a substantial portfolio of over 500 warehouses and distribution centers across the country.
  • LTC Properties (LTC): Invest in seniors housing  for a steady stream of income and the potential for capital appreciation.
  • Realty Income (O): This company leases space to several prominent brands.
REITS that pay monthly dividends - 3 REITs That Pay Monthly Dividends in Different Sectors

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In the investment landscape, REITs that pay monthly dividends are noteworthy. They combine real estate’s reliability with stock market liquidity. Warren Buffet’s principal stresses long-term ownership of stocks. He suggests, “If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.” These REITs provide steady returns through dividends that investors receive each month.

We introduce a concise guide to three REITs that pay dividends monthly. They are ideal for those seeking diversification and regular income. These options align with Buffet’s wisdom: “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”

Join us in exploring these three REITs. They offer a piece of the real estate sector and the attractive prospect of regular returns.

Stag Industrial (STAG)

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In the highly competitive realm of industrial real estate, Stag Industrial (NYSE:STAG) has carved out a significant niche for itself, particularly through its dedication to monthly dividends.

Boasting a solid five-year climb of 33%, the company’s flair for delivering steadfast monthly dividends underscores its magnetic charm for investors. Moreover, the recent financial disclosures spin a tale of two figures: a robust 7.8% surge in revenue, tipping the scales at $179.3 million, juxtaposed with a sharp 21% retreat in net earnings.

However, for dividend-driven investors, the spotlight remains firmly on consistent dividends. Significantly, STAG’s diligent expansion is reflected in its total assets swelling to $6.28 billion and its EBITDA growth to $132.7 million, which underscores healthy operational profitability. These factors are crucial for sustaining its monthly dividends.

Moreover, STAG Industrial’s balance sheet resilience, with a notable price-to-book ratio of 1.81 against a market capitalization of $6.39 billion, paints a picture of latent potential. For those with an eye on long-term value, this signals a promising avenue, especially in a sector that is expected to grow.

Consequently, the narrative is clear: STAG Industrial stands as a dependable provider among REITs that pay monthly dividends. Although market skepticism has occasionally led to undervaluations, STAG’s unwavering commitment to dividends highlights its reliability. As the company steers through market fluctuations, its dividend strategy shines as a beacon, solidifying its status for income-focused investors.

In conclusion, STAG Industrial’s disciplined growth strategy distinguishes it as a standout entity among REITs that offer monthly dividends. It is a compelling prospect for the long-term investor.

LTC Properties (LTC)

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LTC Properties (NYSE:LTC) is a standout in the monthly dividend-paying REIT sector, despite a year-to-date return dip of 9.8%. The company reported a 12.5% revenue increase in its latest quarter, hitting $48 million. Operating expenses shrank by 2.6%, reflecting efficient management.

Net income surged by 67% to $22.2 million, consequently pushing profit margins up to 46.2%. Furthermore, EBITDA showed a robust gain, climbing 22.7% to $38.3 million. This indicates strong profitability before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

Similarly, the balance sheet shines with a 74.5% hike in cash and short-term investments, now at $11.3 million. Moreover, total assets grew by 13.1%, reaching $1.87 billion. Although liabilities increased to $1.01 billion, the company’s growth strategy appears effective.

On the cash flow front, the statement reveals a healthy 33.2% rise in operational cash, totaling $32.4 million. Despite some cash flow impacts from investments and financing, the company’s strategy is focused on growth.

Looking at market value, LTC’s market capitalization stands solid at $1.34 billion, with an average trading volume of 226,400 shares. These figures suggest a stable investor base and active market presence.

In terms of strategic moves, strategic re-leasing and solid fundamental performance strengthen LTC’s market stance as one of the REITs that pay monthly dividends. Even though there was a bearish start to the year, the company’s resilient fundamentals offset this. With a recovery on course and a notable 7.2% dividend yield, LTC presents a compelling story for investors looking for reliable monthly income streams.

Realty Income Corp (O)

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Realty Income Corp (NYSE:O), a stalwart among REITs doling out monthly dividends, confronts a 22% dip in year-to-date returns with strategic poise. The company’s bold acquisition of Spirit Realty Capital (NYSE:SRC), a $9.3 billion maneuver, reveals a penchant for timely, value-oriented growth initiatives.

Despite market headwinds, the company’s commitment to shareholders remains unwavering, with a recently declared monthly dividend of $0.26 per share. This dedication translates to an attractive annual dividend yield of 6.1%, outshining many in the sector. The slight dividend bump to $0.256 per share this quarter reflects a subtle yet affirmative nod to sustained fiscal health.

The Spirit Realty merger stands as a testament to Realty Income’s strategic foresight, blending two powerhouse entities in the REIT domain. This deal is a deliberate step towards a future rife with potential, marking a pivot toward enhanced asset accumulation.

The company’s financial prudence is evident in its consistent dividend track record. Even amidst expansion, the company’s fiscal management remains commendably tight.

Diversification also plays a key role in Realty Income’s playbook, as evidenced by its significant $950 million stake in the iconic Bellagio Las Vegas alongside Blackstone (NYSE:BX). This move diversifies the company’s holdings, cushioning it against sector-specific volatilities.

In essence, Realty Income, one of the REITs that pay monthly dividends, exhibits a trajectory toward enduring growth through strategic acquisitions and steadfast dividends. The company deftly maneuvers through market ebbs and flows, making it a compelling choice for investors seeking consistent monthly income.

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