Transportation 2.0: Automakers and Tech Companies Converge

I just bought my first car … in almost 20 years.

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I know. It’s hard to believe.

I prefer to take Uber, a taxi, a scooter, or even walk rather than drive on congested city streets. It saves me insurance, fuel, and repair costs as well. And since I’ve lived in metropolitan areas the last couple of decades, it was easy for me to do.

I still live in a city, but it was time — even though I still plan to use all those other urban mobility solutions.

I ended up with a Macan, which is Porche’s smaller crossover vehicle. I must say … it’s pretty sweet.

One of things that surprised me the most may surprise you, too …

One of the things that has blown me away is the extensive voice capability in this car. I can talk to it to find directions, make a call, send a text, and dozens of other possibilities. I’m still learning all of them … and probably never will. I’ve certainly been in plenty of cars over the last 20 years as a passenger or driving a rental car. I just didn’t have a chance to use a lot of the various features.

These built-in automotive assistants are like having Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant in your car. They help drivers with navigation, operating controls, media selections, and communication. They are certainly convenient, and in theory they also make us safer if we can keep our eyes on the road.

But … and you hear this from me all the time … this is just the beginning.

The future is even more exciting because it will include automotive “cognitive assistance” — powering natural and intuitive interactions — which is an already rapidly expanding market.

Cool new features and use capabilities are just around the corner. Like …

  • Pay, Pump and Go: Not only will your car locate the nearest gas station, but you will be able to choose a pump and pay for gas directly from the car. You can even add a coffee or a car wash if you’d like.
  • Dining and Drive-Through: Need ideas for dinner? You’ll get them, and your car will even book a reservation. Or, if you prefer, it can order a takeout meal and pay for it in advance.
  • Parking: No more feeding meters with coins or credit cards. Not only will your car take care of the payment, it will provide recommendations for finding a space.

And as we move even closer to full blown Transportation 2.0, we will see increasing convergence between automakers and big tech companies like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL). These innovations are changing consumer expectations. More and more, we want our vehicles to act like rolling smartphones. More than 60% of car buyers now say having a voice assistant is a consideration when shopping for a new car.

As the in-car experience changes, there will also be increased convergence with content providers like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), ESPN, and Spotify (NYSE:SPOT). When we get to fully autonomous vehicles, you’ll be able to watch any movie, game, or television show you want.

You’ll want to hold onto your seat and own shares in the companies leading these revolutions converging at the same.

And that’s why, in my new Early Stage Investor issue, I’m recommending a company that will be right in the middle of this convergence. It’s a leader in a necessary and in-demand technology.

In fact, one of every two new cars are now outfitted with this company’s technology. As cars become increasingly connected, more of the digital world will make its way inside the automobile. This means increased revenue opportunities through software updates, continued innovation, and leveraging its industry-leading customer relationships.

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