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energy stocks Is the XCO Dividend Suspension the First of Many?
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Most people are familiar with law of conservation of energy: “energy cannot be created or destroyed”. However, looking at this theory through the lens of an economist, the law can be applied to the economy as well. Extraction of resources producing energy is a business, distribution of energy is a business, and consumption of energy to manufacture goods is a business. With energy being a vital part of the economy, it is in extremely high demand.
Because energy is and always will be in high demand, it is an extremely safe play for investors. However the plays an investor can make are endless. Energy can be invested in commodities such as crude oil or propane or in commodity ETFs. Energy stocks are also very prosperous with massive corporations such as Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) and alternative energy stocks like SolarCity (NYSE:SCTY) among the best options.

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